Saturday, December 31, 2005


Tonite, on this secular New Years Eve, before my wife and I go to see Comedian Lisa Lampenelli, we will light our Hanukkah candles and remember that even though all Jews don't agree on everything, we are still Jews.

My wife and I argue over politics constantly, rarely ever agreeing on anything, but amongst our fights and bickering, we believe it is our "Jewishness" and our love for one another despite these differences that keeps us toghether.

Below, you can click on a link to see a short Hanukkah video from AISH.COM. Happy Hanukkah my friends and Happy New Year!


Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha'olam
asher kidishanu b'mitz'votav v'tzivanu
l'had'lik neir shel Chanukah. (Amein)


Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha'olam
she'asah nisim la'avoteinu bayamim haheim baziman hazeh. (Amein)

From Peter Yarrow's "Light One Candle"
Light one candle for the Macabee children, with thanks that their light did'nt die.
Light one candle for the pain they endured, when their right to exist was denied...
Light one candle for the terrible sacrifice justice and freedom demand...
But light one candle for the wisdom to know when the peacemaker's time is at hand

Don't let the light go out!
It's lasted for so many years!
Don't let the light go out!
Let it shine through our love and our tears.

Light one candle for the strength that we need, to never become our own foe...
And light one candle for those who are suffering, pain we learned so long ago...
Light one candle for all we believe in that anger not tear us apart...

Friday, December 30, 2005


The Black Congressional Caucus is sitting on over $400,000 of donated money! Money donated for Black victims of hurricane Katrina.

To start, could you imagine the uproar if David Duke was collecting money for just white victims of Katrina? Oh my G-d! Jesse Jackson would be screaming into every single microphone he could wrap his lips around.

Not that I endorse David Duke or anything. I personally think he is as big an asshole as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Why are they sitting on these funds? Are there not black victims of Katrina/Bush that are in need of that money more then these schmucks?

However, in spite of the charges that racism contributed to the government's response to Katrina, the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals recently released statistics showing that a higher percentage of whites died in New Orleans as a result of the Aug. 29 hurricane than blacks.

Black or White, I don't give a flying bird turd. Everyone that was affected by Katrin were AMERICANS! This is no longer a contest to see who suffers the most. When something tragic happens in America, we all suffer. End of freaking story!

The Black Congressional Caucus needs to cough up these funds to the victims or give them all back to where they came from. I'm sure Jesse Jackson will have his hand out for some of this money...He's a victim of everything. Mostly himself and his lack of shame.


Tonight, we light a candle for those who are suffering. Jews who have had family and friends killed by terrorist attacks, and even muslim women who submit to their murderous husbands who have killed their own daughters in what is known as "Honor Killings", something that is not highlighted by the mainstream media or anti war schmucks like Cindy Sheehan and her anti semitic friends. Suffering that Jews have endured during the dark ages, the Inquisition, the Crusades, and lets not forget the Shoah. (Holocaust for my goyish readers)


Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha'olam
asher kidishanu b'mitz'votav v'tzivanu
l'had'lik neir shel Chanukah. (Amein)


Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha'olam
she'asah nisim la'avoteinu bayamim haheim baziman hazeh. (Amein)

From Peter Yarrow's "Light One Candle"
Light one candle for the Macabee children, with thanks that their light did'nt die.
Light one candle for the pain they endured, when their right to exist was denied...
Light one candle for the terrible sacrifice justice and freedom demand...
But light one candle for the wisdom to know when the peacemaker's time is at hand

Don't let the light go out!
It's lasted for so many years!
Don't let the light go out!
Let it shine through our love and our tears.

Light one candle for the strength that we need, to never become our own foe...
And light one candle for those who are suffering, pain we learned so long ago...


The Senator from New York, Hillary "Hitlary" Rodham Clinton has climbed up on her high horse to condemn the President yet once again on his eavesdropping in on calls from suspected terrorists to overseas locations.

I would like to know where she gets off condemning ANYONE for this. She must have a short term memory loss as to when her and her adulterous husband were using strongarm tactics to harrass and intimidate the women who spoke up about the Senator's husband who just happens to be a former President of the United States....Y'all rmemeber Bubba dontcha? William Jefferson "where you hiding my ceegar".

While Mrs. Clinton's email makes her opposition to President Bush's targeted surveilliance program clear, she does not explain why her husband, while president, authorized the NSA and FBI to conduct much wider surveillance on American citizens under secret programs like Echelon and Carnivore, which randomly captured and screened millions of phone calls and emails daily. Hmmmmm

The hypocracy of this skank of a Senator shows absofreakinglutely no boundries or no shame at all for the lives she ruined to protect her scumbag husband's reputation as a womanizer and an adulterer.

Once agains she has proved to me her uselessness as nothing but crap spews forth from her obviously useless lips.

Thursday, December 29, 2005


Jews in Rome Light Hanukkah Candles in Front of Iran Embassy in Demonstration.

Rome, Dec. 28 - Members of Rome's Jewish community lit Hanukkah candles in front of the Iranian Embassy on Wednesday in what they said was a peaceful response to comments by the Iranian president that the Holocaust was a "myth."

Two of the people who lit the candles were World War II concentration camp survivors, and a third was an Iranian Jew.

"We want to bring the light and not fire to the world," said Rome's chief rabbi, Riccardo Di Segni. "The story of Hannukah reminds us of a military victory but the symbol is a spiritual one, it's a peaceful witness to the fact that we exist."


Jews fighting back. It is a good thing!


The Marlboro Man has been violated by the Gay Mafia! In their attempt to "normalize" men butt slamming other men, they have raped the final frontier of masculinity...The Cowboy.

Some people have given me a hard time about not going to see this movie. "Give it a chance" they tell me. Is that what Michael Jackson said to the little boys that he violated. I don't want to give it a chance. I think that men schtupping other men is freaking wrong! Period, end of fucking story!

I think this movie is an attempt by the Backdoor Mafia to normalize what is wrong. From everything I read, it wants you to "Feel" for the men for the pain they endured in their relationship with each other. What about the ruined lives of the one that was married with children? No focus on that, but then again, the left does not care about the normal family unit which consists of one mom, one dad, a couple of kids and a dog...That's normal. To the left, and their gay supporters, it is wrong.

My idea of gay rights is 10% off of a tube of vaseline. Take it and get back in the fucking closet!

I Will Not See This Movie! I Will Never, Ever, EVER Think that homosexuality is right or healthy. I have met Gay People before, they were nice, but I just absofreakinglutley DO NOT agree with their lifestyle...PERIOD. I DON'T HAVE TOO!

My prediction for this movie is that it will win a ton of awards just because Hollyweird wants to prove just how far off from the mainstream they really are.

In the meantime, I am going to go to bed to snuggle with my wife and dream of days when men were really men and not feminized sphincter stretching, backdoor slamming fairys.

The Rogue Jew


"Light one candle for the strength that we need, to never become our own foe." What do you think that means today? We have that with the many "self hating" Jews that are out there preaching against the creation of the Jewish State of Israel. The Jews that hip hip hooray at Cindy Sheehan's anti war message, which by the way if you have listened to her dumb ass, you would know that her message is against Israel and her cause has been hijacked by the Pro-Palestinian movement.

Have we as a people not figured out that it is because of the sacrifices of many brave men and women that we have a homeland. Sacrifices of life and limb so that our light will never go out. The sacrifice of the men and women of the United States military to ensure that democracy in Iraq is a success is one that they understand and are willing to undertake. Failure is not an option to these brave people. Unlike the Liberals here in the United States who are hoping and I hope the ACLU doesn't catch them doing this...PRAYING for our military to fail so that to embarass our President.

Tonite, I lite my candles to remember what was sacrificed when the Temple was regained, and to remember what is sacrificed to bring peace to our time, WHEN it is time...That my friends is up to the Islamofacists. Happy Hanukkah my Friends.


Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha'olam
asher kidishanu b'mitz'votav v'tzivanu
l'had'lik neir shel Chanukah. (Amein)


Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha'olam
she'asah nisim la'avoteinu bayamim haheim baziman hazeh. (Amein)

From Peter Yarrow's "Light One Candle"
Light one candle for the Macabee children, with thanks that their light did'nt die.
Light one candle for the pain they endured, when their right to exist was denied...
Light one candle for the terrible sacrifice justice and freedom demand...
But light one candle for the wisdom to know when the peacemaker's time is at hand

Don't let the light go out!
It's lasted for so many years!
Don't let the light go out!
Let it shine through our love and our tears.

Light one candle for the strength that we need, to never become our own foe...

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Here we are,....The fourth night of Hanukkah. Tommorrow nite, my beautiful wife and I are going to our Shul for the annual Chanukkah dinner. It is a chance for the Jewish community of Grand Rapids, Michigan to gather together and be amongst other Jews and celebrate this festive holiday of which our more liberal Jewish bretheren should remember it is to celebrate a military victory over those who wanted to exterminate the Jews. Military victory, as in WAR.


Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha'olam
asher kidishanu b'mitz'votav v'tzivanu
l'had'lik neir shel Chanukah. (Amein)


Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha'olam
she'asah nisim la'avoteinu bayamim haheim baziman hazeh. (Amein)

From Peter Yarrow's "Light One Candle"
Light one candle for the Macabee children, with thanks that their light did'nt die.
Light one candle for the pain they endured, when their right to exist was denied...
Light one candle for the terrible sacrifice justice and freedom demand...
But light one candle for the wisdom to know when the peacemaker's time is at hand

Don't let the light go out!
It's lasted for so many years!
Don't let the light go out!
Let it shine through our love and our tears.



Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I feel that the Jewish people need to remember the sacrifices that were made by the brave Jewish men and women before us. Battles were waged, people were killed. If it had'nt been for these people, the Jewish people would not have the State of Israel as our homeland.

I think that in recent events that have unfolded over that last year, it is Hasem's way of telling us that if we don't come together as a people, that once again we stand to lose what many have fought and died for...The Jewish State of Israel.

There are Jews that believe that the Jewish State of Israel was a huge mistake. The fact that Ariel Sharon giving the Gaza strip to the Squatters known as the "Palestinians", I believe has angered Hashem, and in recent events in Israel and the United States, he is making that anger known.


Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha'olam
asher kidishanu b'mitz'votav v'tzivanu
l'had'lik neir shel Chanukah. (Amein)


Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha'olam
she'asah nisim la'avoteinu bayamim haheim baziman hazeh. (Amein)

From Peter Yarrow's "Light One Candle"
Light one candle for the Macabee children, with thanks that their light did'nt die.
Light one candle for the pain they endured, when their right to exist was denied...
Light one candle the terrible sacrifice justice and freedom demand...

A little note of History:

Historically speaking, it should be noted that the idea of a "Palestinian" homeland is a flawed idea. In the first place, the word Palestine is a derivative Latin reference to the Philistines, an ethnic Greek group that God, using King David and the Israelites, kicked out of Israel. The crusaders used the Latin word Palestina or Palestine to denote the Holy Land, and the British brought back the English word after World War I. Thus, Palestine is not an Arab or Muslim name at all! Moreover, anyone who lives in the area, whether Arab, Jew, Christian, or even atheist or Buddhist, rightfully can be called a "Palestinian."

In 1923, the British took part of Palestine, re-named it Trans-Jordan or Jordan, and gave it to the Arabs. In 1947, the United Nations gave part of the remaining Palestine to the Jews, who re-titled it Israel, and part of the land to the Arabs, but the Arab Muslims rejected the offer because they wanted all of Palestine. The Arabs, including Jordan and other Arab or Muslim states, waged war on the Jews in 1948 and 1967 and lost both times. Even though it lost in 1948, Jordan retained control of part of the U.N.-mandated Arab territory until 1967.

Of course, all the land in the Middle East does not belong to Arabs, Jews, Christians, or any other non-divine person. It actually belongs to God!

Monday, December 26, 2005


Welcome to the second night of the Jewish Festival of Lights. The holiday known as HANUKKAH. I hope all are having a wonderful holdiay whether you celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas. Eat lots of Latkes, and enjoy spinning the dreidle. Whatever it is you do during your holiday, just have fun and enjoy the family around you.

Jewish World Report has asked that I post a link to their site for Holiday Music. Check it out! Listen while you surf and enjoy the songs in english, hebrew, and yiddish. Click HERE.


Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha'olam
asher kidishanu b'mitz'votav v'tzivanu
l'had'lik neir shel Chanukah. (Amein)


Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha'olam
she'asah nisim la'avoteinu bayamim haheim baziman hazeh. (Amein)

From Peter Yarrow's "Light One Candle"
Light one candle for the Macabee children, with thanks that their light did'nt die.
Light one candle for the pain they endured, when their right to exist was denied...

I will be adding the rest of the song as the 8 crazy nights of Hanukkah progress.

The words of the song remind me of the reason that Israel exists, and what Jews need to do to ensure it's existence as a Jewish state in years to com.

Sunday, December 25, 2005





Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha'olam
asher kidishanu b'mitz'votav v'tzivanu
l'had'lik neir shel Chanukah. (Amein)


Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha'olam
she'asah nisim la'avoteinu bayamim haheim baziman hazeh. (Amein)


Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha'olam
shehecheyanu v'kiyimanu v'higi'anu laz'man hazeh. (Amein)

"Light one candle for the Macabee children, with thanks that their light did'nt die"
Peter Yarrow from the song, "Light One Candle"

Saturday, December 24, 2005


I went to see Spielberg's new movie "MUNICH" tonite. The hype leading up to the release of this film made me think that I was going to see a sanitized version of what manifested in the hunt for the monsters that were the masterminds of "Black September". I was seriously wrong.

The movie did not "humanize" the terrorists or the ones responsible for the planning and execution of the slaughter of 11 Israeli athletes during the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany. What it did was put a human face on the men who were charged with hunting down and extracting justice on the men who masterminded the kidnapping and buthered innocent Jews.

According to what the Mossad tell Avner, his mission is to kill everyone associated with the murders in Munich. They believe that 11 key men are involved in the vicious assassinations.

Avner’s mission is so secretive that the Mossad revoke all association and ties with him so he can complete this harrowing task. While on assignment, Avner pulls together a team of assassins and goes to work killing off all their targets. How will this mission change Avner? Is he doing the right thing? How does he know these are the men responsible?

It shows that killing ones enemy has a toll on the one behind the trigger as well as the intended target. The agents responsible were human. Humans with feelings that carried out a difficult task that left a trail of blood. I believe that Spielberg made it known the emotion that was expressed by these Jewish heroes in carrying out that task. "There is something about killing people at close range that is excruciating," Spielberg tells the magazine. "It's bound to try a man's soul", and that is what I carried away from this awsome film.

I would also like to add, that I believe it showed the lack of a concience that the Palestininan terrorists had and how it was different from the humanity shown by the Mossad agents hunting down the terrorists.

That lack of concience is shown everyday with the genocidal maniacs that blow themselves up along with innocent civilians.

This was truly a wonderful film. Informative, inspirational and thought provoking.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


FROM: Marie Jannette, Human Resources Director

TO: All Screeners
DATE: 4th November 2004

RE: Christmas Party

I'm happy to inform you that the company Christmas Party will take place on December 23rd, starting at noon in the private function room at the Grill House. There will be a cash bar and plenty of drinks! We'll have a small band playing traditional carols...please feel free to sing along. And don't be surprised if the MD shows up dressed as Santa Claus! A Christmas tree will b e lit at 1.00p.m.. Exchange of gifts among employees can be done at that time, however, no gift should be over $10.00 to make the giving of gifts easy for everyone's pockets. This gathering is only for employees! The MD will make a special announcement at the Party.

Merry Christmas to you and your Family.


FROM: Marie Jannette, Human Resources Director

TO: All Screeners
DATE: 5th November 2004

RE: Holiday Party

In no way was yesterday's memo intended to exclude our Jewish employees. We recognise that Chanukah is an important holiday, which often coincides with Christmas, though unfortunately not this year. However, from now on we're calling it our 'Holiday Party'.. The same policy applies to any other employees who are not Christians. There will be no Christmas tree or Christmas carols sung. We will have other types of music for your enjoyment.

Happy now?

Happy Holidays to you and your family,


FROM; Marie Jannette, Human Resources Director

TO: All Screeners

DATE: 6th November 2004

RE: Holiday Party

Regarding the note I received from a member of Alcoholics Anonymous requesti ng a non-drinking didn't sign your name. I'm happy to accommodate this request, but if I put a sign on a table that reads, "AA Only", you wouldn't! be anon ymous anymore!!!! How am I supposed to handle this? Somebody? Forget about the gift exchange, no gift exchange allowed now since the Union Officials feel that $10.00 is too much money and Management believe $10.00 is a little cheap. NO GIFT EXCHANGE WILL BE ALLOWED.


FROM: Marie Jannette, Human Resources Director

TO: All Screeners

DATE: 7th November 2004

RE: Holiday Party

What a diverse group we are! I had no idea that December 20th begins the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which forbids eating and drinking during daylight hours. There goes the party! Seriously, we can appreciate how a luncheon at this time of year does not accommodate our Muslim employees' beliefs, perhaps the Grill House can hold off on serving your meal until the end of the party - or else package everything up for you to take home in a little foil doggy bag. Will that work? Meanwhile, I've arranged for members of Weight Watchers to sit farthest from the dessert buffet and pregnant women will get the table closest to the toilets, Gays are allowed to sit with each other, Lesbians do not have to sit with gay men, each will have their own table. Yes, there will be flower arrangements for the gay men's table too. To the person asking permission to cross dress - no cross dressing allowed. We will have booster seats for short people.
Low fat food will be available for those on a diet. We cannot control the salt used in the food we suggest those people with high blood pressure taste the food first. There will be fresh fruits as dessert for Diabetics, the restaurant cannot supply "No Sugar" desserts. Sorry! Did I miss anything?!?!?!?!?!


FROM: Marie Jannette, Human Resources Director

TO: All F****** Screeners

DATE: 8 November 2004

RE: The ******** Holiday Party.

Vegetarian pricks I've had it with you people !!! We're going to keep this party at the Grill House whether you like i! t or not , so you can sit quietly at the table furthest from the "grill of death", as you so quaintly put it, you'll get your f****** salad bar, including organic tomatoes, But you know tomatoes have feeling too, They scream when you slice them. I've heard them scream. I'm hearing the scream right NOW!! I hope you all have a rotten holiday, drink drive and die.

The Bitch from HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FROM: John Moomma - Federal Security Director, TSA
DATE: 9th November 2004

RE: Marie Jannette and Holiday Party

I'm sure I speak for all of us in wishing Marie a speedy recovery, and I'll continue to forward your cards to her. In the meantime, the Management has decided to cancel our Holiday Party and instead, give everyone the afternoon of the 23rd December off with full pay.


I am looking for anyone to verify this story. It was sent to me by 2 different people, but I have not been able to verify the content on the web. If there is any truth to this, I sure wish then that our leaders would grow some cojones and fight this "Jihad" head on. It is a war against all who are Jewish, Christian, Hindu, etc...

CANBERRA: Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia, as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks. A day after a group of mainstream Muslim leaders pledged loyalty to Australia at a special meeting with Prime Minister John Howard, he and his ministers made it clear that extremists would face a crackdown. Treasurer Peter Costello hinted that some radical clerics could be asked to leave the country if they did not accept that Australia was a secular state and its laws were made by parliament. "If those are not your values, if you want a country which has Sharia law or a theocratic state, then Australia is not for you," he said on national television. "I'd be saying to clerics who are teaching that there are two laws governing people in Australia, one the Australian law and another the Islamic law, that this is false. If you can't agree with parliamentary law, independent courts, democracy, and would prefer Sharia law, and have the opportunity to go to another country which practices it, perhaps, then, that's a better option," Costello said. Asked whether he meant radical clerics would be forced to leave, he said those with dual citizenship could possibly be asked move to the other country. Education Minister Brendan Nelson later told reporters that Muslims who did not want to accept local values should "clear off". "Basically, people who don't want to be Australians, and they don't want to live by Australian values and understand them, well then they can basically clear off," he said. Separately, Howard angered some Australian Muslims on Wednesday by saying he supported spies monitoring the nation's mosques.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


It is a shame to see everything that Ronald Reagan built has been destroyed by former President George W. Bush and former Presidents Bush and Clinton.

It was reported monday that victory in Bolivia's presidential election of a left-winger who has declared himself America's "nightmare," vows to nationalize the country's natural gas industry, and is a fan of Cuba's Fidel Castro and Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez.

The success of Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) leader, Aymara Indian activist Evo Morales, was hailed in left-wing media outlets as a blow to the United States and "neoliberal" economic policies.

Morales reportedly received some 51 percent of the vote in Sunday's election, easily defeating pro-U.S. candidate Jorge Quiroga. The great Ronald Reagan would have never let something like this happen.

I warn you all, Communism is not dead. It is finding new life in Central and South America, and with the help of our biased left wing media and the Communist scum bags of Hollyweird like George Clooney and Barbara Streisand-Clinton.(She wishes anyway)

Controversial campaign pledges included recovering national control over Bolivia's hydrocarbon industry, privatized during the 1990s, and legalizing the production of coca leaves.

For those not familiar with the war on drugs, coca leaves are used in the production of Cocaine which in turn is used to make Crack Cocaine. Popular drugs amongst African-American groups like the Crips, Bloods, and other "Social Clubs" hailed by the leftist swine.

If we don't awaken to what is happening around us, then we as a free nation will fall to the Communist threat.

Socialism has failed so miserably but is still touted as the Utopia of the future. It is happening here right before our eyes.

Supportive media depict "Evo" as a working-class hero, a humble former llama herder and coca farmer whose rise to power in South America's poorest country is momentous.

Cuba's Prensa Latina news agency quoted Morales as declaring that "the Third Millennium belongs to peoples, not to the Empire" -- a reference to the U.S.

He also spoke of a drive to change the "neoliberal model" and eliminate the "neocolonial state."

The region has seen a series of leftist election victories in recent years -- in Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and now, Bolivia.

More may be on their way: South and Central America face a string of elections between this month and late next year, and several of the races feature left-wingers reported to be faring well.

Socialist Michelle Bachelet is leading in the race to be Chile's next president - and South America's first elected female president - in an election runoff against a conservative rival in January, after a successful first round earlier this month.

In Costa Rica, former president Oscar Arias -- a vocal critic of the U.S.-led war on Iraq -- heads opinion polls in the run up to a February election.

In Mexico, the party led by left-leaning former Mexico City mayor Andres Lopez Obrador enjoys a poll lead over rivals including the party of the incumbent, President Vicente Fox, ahead of elections next July.

In Ecuador's October 2006 presidential race, a socialist currently heads the polls, while in Nicaragua, Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega is hoping for a comeback in a presidential election next November.

Also late next year, Chavez in Venezuela and President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of Brazil face re-election campaigns.

Going against the trend is Colombia, where conservative President Alvaro Uribe enjoys strong opinion poll figures ahead of an election next May.

In Peru, which votes in April, conservative candidate Lourdes Flores is the current poll leader, but close behind are two left-wingers, including a supporter of Chavez.

The Dominoe effect is happening right in front of us as predicted in the 80s that was ignored by Former Failed President Jimmy Carter, but then again, Carter is a Socialist in disguise anyway as well as the biggest failure in history as a President. Same with the Clintons. Elitist that promote socialist programs, and what does that spell....COMMUNISTS!

Former President Ronald Reagan would be in tears if he saw the destruction that was taking place in our country.

Sunday, December 18, 2005


Mary J. Blige recently was quoted "The blacker you are, the worse America is for you." That has got to be at least one of the top 20 most stupid things said this year.

Despite hardships and discrimination, many other ethnic groups in America have found their niche in life, but after 450 some years African-Americans seem to be the only group that has NOT found their place in America.

People who have immigrated here from China, Korea, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, and even many of the Arab nations have all worked hard to make their place here in America, yet African-Americans claim to be the ones left out in the cold.

Why is it that they seem to be the only group excluded from the American dream? Could it be that their so called "Leadership" has kept the notion of racism alive because it is the niche that they have found for making their wallets fatter?

You cannot tell me that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and even Louis Farakkahn have not all gotten wealty and are living the good life because of racism. If so called race discrimination was to cease to exist in our lifetime, the Reverends Al, Jesse and even Calypso Louis would all have to get "real jobs".

Socialist Liberal Democrats have worked together with Sharpton, Jackson, and even Farakkahn to keep Racial Discrimination alive and well in America just to maintain their legions of faithful voters. Democrats have done nothing to help African-Americans. The aftermath of hurricane Katrina was proof of that. Hundreds of Thousands of people so dependent on government assistance that they had not one single clue on how to help themselves. They stood there and waited for uncle Sam to rescue them like he has so many times before with welfare programs and medicaid. They did nothing to rescue themselves.

In what way is America bad for Mary J. Blige? She has a successful music career. Did racial discrimination keep her from being successful? Perhaps she has learned from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton that ones pockets get "Phat" by keeping the nightmare alive.

I don't see that White man keeping Sean "P-Diddy" Combs down and out. What about Oprah Winfrey? If America was truly as racial as Mary J. Blige seems to think, then Oprah would not be as wealthy as she is.

But Oprah is different then Al, Jesse and Mary. She is also generous and giving. You will never see Reverend Jesse reaching into his pockets and giving away cars. He would rather strong arm GM, FORD or Chrysler into doing it for him and giving him the credit for doing it. That's how Jesse Jackson does it.

Perhaps African-Americans who feel they are excluded from the successes of the American dream need to take advantage of the free education that is offered them in the public school system.

Bill Cosby was chatised by his peers and attacked for going against the status quo when it comes to racism.

When immigrants came to America during the early 1900's, nothing was handed to them. They fought discrimination and had barriers thrown up against them too. Irish, Italians, Germans, Poles, and Jews! They came here with nothing and made lives for themselves. Noone did it for them.

Noone is going to do it for you. If you want it, then get off your ass and work for it. Cosby, Combs and Winfrey did it. Condoleeza Rice did it. Colon Powell too. Government is not bound by the Constitution to make sure every single person is successful. That is up to you.

Friday, December 16, 2005


I guess that incidents like gang rapes, suicide bombers and ritual murders is what we here in the United States have to look foward to if we continue to cater to Islamic Fundementalist. Of course here in the good ole US of A liberal scumbags like A C L U lawyers and Democratic asshole windbags like John Kerry and the biggest coward of all who just happens to be a Murtha Fucker refer to American soldiers as Terrorists and want us to cut and run just like we did in John Kerry's Vietnam and Jimmy Carter's Iran, all the while referring to Islamic Terrorists as "Freedom Fighters" and giving them a free pass with the liberal mainstream media.

In Australia where the latest rounds of Muslim Rioting is happening, the leftist media fails to tell people the real reasons behind the rioting.

In Australia this week amidst anger over an Islamic man’s rape conviction and the bashing of two Aussie life savers, working-class locals erupted in a rampage of anger and brawling in some of the worst racial riots in decades. But there is more to the story than is being repeated in the American mainstream media....

Four days after he set foot in Australia, the rape spree began. And during his sexual assault trial in a New South Wales courtroom, the Pakistani man began to berate one of his tearful 14-year-old victims because she had the temerity to shake her head at his testimony.

But she had every reason to express her disgust. After taking an oath on the Qur’an, the man – known only as MSK – told the court he had committed four attacks on girls as young as 13 because they had no right to say “no.” They were not covering their face or wearing a headscarf, and therefore, the rapist proclaimed: “I’m not doing anything wrong.”

MSK is already serving a 22-year jail term for leading his three younger brothers in a gang rape of two other young Sydney girls in 2002. In his own defence, he argued that his cultural background, was responsible for his crimes.

And he is right.

In some parts of Pakistan, sexual assault – including gang rape – is officially sanctified as a legitimate form of enforcing the social value system.

One village council recently ordered that five young girls should be “abducted, raped or murdered” for refusing to be treated as chattel. The girls were aged between six and thirteen when they were married without their knowledge, to pay a family debt.

And when Mukhtar Mai’s 12-year-old brother was alleged to have committed an offence in a small Pakistani farming village, the village council ordered that his sister be gang-raped. So, she was taken to a hut where four men repeatedly assaulted her.

And of course here in the UNITED STATES, Islam is referred to as the "Religion of Peace". Peace my ass, more like a "Forced peice of ass".

When are people going to get wise? Islam people do not want peace with us. They want to DOMINATE us. Dominate the world! Our complacancy and our ways of appeasment are going to allow this to happen right under our very eyes!

Many Western leftists habitually excuse these crimes against women in order to maintain political solidarity with their allies in the Islamic world. After all, it would be tough to make common cause with Muslim groups in the antiwar movement if Progressives began to criticize the practice of polygamy. I thought that it was the compasionate left that defended the rights of minorities and women? Hmm. As usual, that would be just lip service from the Democrats, not actual action. Thats a dime a dozen in Washington much like a cheap hooker on her knees, Right Bill?

While rejecting the tenets of neo-Nazism, working-class Aussies who live near Cronulla Beach were saying they’ve had enough of this culturally motivated crime wave in a wave of violence that is also unacceptable. The race riots in suburban Sydney represented a clash between two polar opposites of white supremacy and Islamic male supremacy. But the average Australian seeks a midpoint between these equally vile extremes in which fairness and a single standard of law will apply to all.

I personally am sick of hearing, "Why can't we all just get along?" I think it's time for action on the part of our government to quit appeasing the Islamic nut jobs. This is a Judeo Christian nation, if they don't like it, then they can just get the fuck out and move to France with the rest of the scumbags!

The Rogue Jew

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Latest news from the Transportation Security Administration is that they are not going to investigate the abusive asshole supervisors that torment and mistreat the Screening staff at Boston Logan Airport. I guess I am not surprised.

I figure that by doing this, the "upper crust" of the TSA and Dept of Homeland InSecurity has made it known just how little they think of their front line staff.

The Screeners in Boston are not alone in their daily struggle with inexperienced lack of leadership. My experiences at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport provided myself and other Screeners of the same mistreatment every single day.

Supervisors and Leads who nominate each other for cash awards while ignoring the hard work done by the Screeners, Supervisors that physically assault the Screening staff and having it ignored simply because the Supervisor was a member of a minority group and "Has anger issues and is seeking help". Being forced to stand their while a Supervisor allows a passenger to verbaly chastise a screener. A break room with little light, no heat and aircraft exaust fumes. These are just a few and I stress, a few of the things I witnessed as a Screener for the TSA.

Promises from the AFSD that he is putting together a council that will deal with the problems faced by screener....That was perhaps the biggest line of bullshit ever handed to us.

A supervisor even once tried to get a Screener to give her Social Security # and her pin number for her Personal Information under the guise that he wanted to keep track of her leave time...Thats right Mike...It was me who pinned ya for that one!

So there you have it. The Department of Homeland Security and its sub-organizational lackey, the TSA, admit there are problems -- abuses -- in the system but rather than working to end these abuses and remove the managers that are trampling on the rights of screeners across this land of ours, they want the TSA to continue to drag its feet and conduct a "study" to confirm what it already knows.

The one supervisor that they did fire at the GRR was not even fired for theft. Theft being the fact that she was putting overtime hours on her time sheet that she did'nt work. Anywhere else I've ever worked, you get fired for that...Not the TSA if your a minority woman, NOOOOOO! They demote you WITH your supervisor pay. The supervisor refused to return to work and was terminated not for theft but for AWOL. Makes sense to me?

TSA is an embarassment and those abusive and corrupt management officials within its ranks need to be purged like the cancer they are. That's the only way for the agency to regain its credibility among screeners. But that would also require the TSA to admit it made a mistake -- or a bunch of mistakes -- where those people are concerned. And that, my friends, is something I believe it is unable to do and simply refuses to do. To many cronies. Too many people with "Connections". That would explain a convicted felon working as a laison with the FBI and DHS. That person by the way was promoted from Grand Rapids, Michigan!

The TSA and DHS is proof that if you suck the right dick or kiss the right ass, one can go far in this world...It just takes a sturdy pair of Knee Pads. Right Tall Paul. Although we all know that all of that sphincter polishing and knob rubbing didn't get you that supervisors job in the long run, but it still allows a stupid asshole such as you to keep abusing and mistreating the ones who do ALL of the work to make even a schmuck like you look good...It sure in hell isn't that your a good leader because as all of the Screeners at the GRR will attest too, YOUR NOT!

Well thats it for now. Once again I have successfully bashed the Transportation Security Administration and the terminal fuck ups that sit behind the desks circle jerking each other with one hand and patting themselves on the back with the other.

The Rogue Jew

Bush is a Revolutionary-Don King


WOLF BLITZER, HOST: Don king is known worldwide as a big-time boxing promoter. But has also taken some new fights on recently...

You love George Bush?

DON KING; I love George Walker Bush because I think he's a revolutionary. He's a president that comes in with conclusiveness. What they're doing in tomorrow in Iraq is a demonstration of that for the vote for democracy. The fundamental process of democracy is freedom of speech, law and order, being able to have freedom, working with people and working and governing yourselves. George Bush is that. He included in...

BLITZER: Do you have any regrets supporting him? Take a look at that picture when you and I were there at the diner last year. Do you have any regrets supporting him as enthusiastically as you did?

KING: No, I don't. In fact, I want to support him more now because it seems like everybody is punching him. You know what I mean? But he's fighting back, and he's throwing great combinations. And I think he's the guy that is really a revolutionary president.

I think he's a president that cares about the people he represents, but doesn't compromise himself to the extent that he acquiesce and accommodate. He goes out there and says like it is, and tries to make things better. Inclusiveness, education, is fighting for that.

These are the things that many guys that don't fight for -- George Walker Bush is a tremendous advocate to America, a great president for the great American people, and he's decisive. He's doesn't equivocate.



The Hebrew word Hanukkah means "dedication." The roots of this name, and the Hanukkah holiday, come from the second century B.C.E. (Before the Common Era). Chafing under foreign domination, a band of Jews led by Mattathias took to the hills of Judea in open revolt against the Seleucid regime of Antiochus IV.
Mattathias' son Judah took charge of the rebellion after his father's death. He was given the nickname "the Maccabee" ("the hammer"). Antiochus sent thousands of well-trained and well-armed troops to the land of Israel to crush the rebellion. The Maccabees responded with a brilliant campaign of guerilla warfare, and succeeded in driving the foreigners from their land.

Jewish fighters entered Jerusalem in December, 164 B.C.E. They found the sacred Temple in shambles, defiled and desecrated by foreign soldiers. They cleansed the Temple and re-dedicated it on the 25th day of the Jewish month of Kislev. They observed a feast of dedication for eight days in honor of their historic victory.

The contemporary observance of Hanukkah features the lighting of a hanukkiyah, a special Hanukkah menorah with eight branches and a ninth holder for the shamash, or helper candle. Popular legend connects this ritual with the tale of the cruse of pure oil that miraculously burned for eight days rather than one.

On the first night of Hanukkah, two candles are placed in the menorah. One serves as the shamash to be used for lighting the other candle. On each successive night, another candle is added to the menorah. By the time we reach the last night of Hanukkah, eight candles are glowing brightly in celebration of this beautiful festival.

Other familiar Hanukkah customs include spinning the draydal (a special top with Hebrew letters on the sides), eating potato latkes (pancakes) and sufganiyot (jelly donuts) and giving gifts of gelt (coins) to children.

In the broad sweep of Jewish tradition, Hanukkah is considered a minor holiday. It is not a yom tov, a holy day, akin to Rosh Hashanah or Passover. Hanukkah, like Purim, is a post-Biblical holiday, a happy, fun-filled celebration for the young and the young-at-heart.


I know everyone is familiar with the Christmas letter that the annoying relatives send out every year...Heres a Hanukkah letter that is sure to make you laugh!

"The Hanukkah Letter"

Dear Darling Son and That Person You Married,

Happy Chanukah to you, and please don't worry. I'm
just fine considering I can't breathe or eat. The important
thing is that you have a nice holiday, thousands of miles
away from your ailing mother. I've sent along my last ten
dollars in this card, which I hope you'll spend on my
grandchildren. G-d knows their mother never buys them
anything nice. They look so thin in their pictures, poor babies.

Thank you so much for the birthday flowers, dear boy. I
put them in the freezer so they'll stay fresh for my grave.
Which reminds me -- we buried Grandma last week. I know
she died years ago, but I got to yearning for a good funeral
so Aunt Berta and I dug her up and had the services all
over again. I would have invited you, but I know that woman
you live with would have never let you come. I bet she's
never even watched that videotape of my hemorrhoid
surgery, has she?

Well son, it's time for me to crawl off to bed now. I lost
my cane beating off muggers last week, but don't you
worry about me. I'm also getting used to the cold since
they turned my heat off and am grateful because the frost
on my bed numbs the constant pain. Now don't you even
think about sending any more money, because I know
you need it for those expensive family vacations you take
every year. Give my love to my darling grandbabies and
my regards to whatever-her-name-is -- the one who
stole you screaming from my bosom.

Happy Chanukah

Love, Mom

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I read reports this morning that they discovered truckloads of couterfeit ballots being smuggled into Iraq for the upcoming elections...It must be that the Sunni Islamic minority of the country are taking lessons from the Liberal Democrats of this country on how to rig elections...Now that I am thinking of it, has anyone seen Howard Dean or Jimmy Carter lately. Dean would be instructing the Sunni's and Carter of course just has he has done in the past as an election observer would turn a blind eye to any wrong doing. MoveOn.Org must be overseeing the elections in Iraq...That would explain election corruption!

Another thing pissing me off this morning is the fact that all of these European countries are giving the US grief about torture and other bullshit. I never hear any of these schmucks bitching about countries that have truly horrible human rights history. Vietnam, China, Cambodia, etc...I guess as long as the torture is within the borders of a Communist nation, that makes it Oky Doky in the eyes of Liberals.

That's all for now...More later!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005




At 3:35 am we were partying like Kennedy's! Why? Tookie died! Stanley "Tookie" Williams was executed this morning by lethal injection in the state of California. He was denied clemency by Govenor Schwarzenegger and the U.S. Supreme Court refused his stay of execution even with their last minute stalling tactics of a "New Witness". Where was this witness 10 yrs ago? Suddenly out of nowhere, like magic a new witness comes out and claims he can prove Tookie's innocence. Sorry I Charlie. Even my wife who claims to be liberal was not buying that one.

I was surprised that with all of the cameras and free publicity that anti-American Media Slut Cindy Sheehan did not make an appearance. The Rev. Jesse Jackson never lets an opportunity slide by for some free camera time. This rally of Hollyweird elite would have been a perfect venue for Cindy.

It does surprise me that Sheehan being a defender of assholes like Saddam Hussein and Zarquawi, did not make an appearance to defend this one. I thought Cindy Sheehan loved murderous thugs?

Oh well, Tookies dead....Eneough said!


A dog had followed his owner to school. His owner was a fourth grader at a public elementary school. However, when the bell rang, the dog walked inside the building and made it all the way to the child's classroom before a teacher , noticed and shagged him outside, closing the door behind him. The dog sat down, whimpered and
stared at the closed doors. Then God appeared beside the dog, patted his head, and said, "Don't feel bad fella'....they won't let ME in either."

Sunday, December 11, 2005


More then 24 hours to go before Stan "Tookie" Williams faces justice for killing 4 people in cold blood more then 25 yrs ago.

I am just more then confused. The Liberal left....aka Democrats, are defending this schmuck saying that he is reformed, he is a changed man...Blah, blah, blah, blah.....Changed man my ass!

I guess if Tookie was truly reformed, wouldn't that include saying he's sorry to the family of the victims whose lives he took? He claims to be reformed, but yet maintains his innoconce EVEN after the most Liberal court in the land as upheld his conviction and even his sentence of death.

Once again I ask...Where were these celebraties when an innocent woman who commited no crime whatsoever was given a death sentence just for being unable to care for herself? The media's reports of Terry Schiavo being brain dead were of course false and unfounded but yet, not a sound or even a peep from the likes of Snoop Dog, Danny Glover, or Susan Sarandon when the husband of Terry Schiavo and the doctors he paid off cut off his wife's food and water supply and literally starved her to death. Not a peaceful death where one pulls the plug and the person just "Falls asleep", no! She was starved to death just like millions of Jews and Poles were during the genocidal mayhem of the Holocaust.

It just astounds me the battles these elitist liberals decide to hoist a banner up for. They compare President Bush to Hitler but sing the praises of convicted killer who has shown absofreakinlutely no remorse for. NONE!

The left would sell tickets to see any conservative Republican executed just for supporting the war in Iraq, but want to save the life of a man who mudered 4 innocent people. Murdered. Killed. Denied them of life, liberty and the pursuit of happines. Now that is oky doky in the eyes of the Hollyweird elite.

Am I the only person who sees how wrong this is?

I guess if you want to put it into perspective, you could even compare a life in prison, locked away never to see the outside world again could be the same as the prison that Terry Schiavo was in. In the eyes of the liberals who supported her execution, they should want something better for Stan "Tookie" Williams then suffering the rest of his life behind bars.

Instead of lethal injection, I say we strap him to a bed and deny him any food and water till he dies a nice and "peaceful" death, like Terry Schiavo did.

I hope that the "Terminator" in office, Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger shows the world that he is not without testicles and denies any form of clemency to Stan "Tookie" Williams and allows the State of California to end his suffering. At least he's being given a more humane way to die, unlike Terry Schiavo who was not given that opportunity.

I plan on being awake and watching the news so that I can begin celebrating the death of a cold blooded killer by singing, "Too-too-tookie goodbye. Too-too-tookie don't cry". HA HA HA

The Rogue Jew

Saturday, December 10, 2005


I know it is a couple of weeks before Hanukkah, but after reading this I just couldn't resist posting this on the blog during this festive holiday season for both Jews and Christians.

'Twas the night before Hanukkah
and all over the place
There was noise, there was kvetching
Such ah disgrace!

The Kinderlakh, sleeping,
uneasily felt
The chocolate rush
from the Hanukkah gelt

And me in the easyboy,
so stuffed with latkes,
I stretched the elastic
which held up my gatkes.

He had a white beardand payyes to boot,And to keep out the cold,he had such a nice suit!A second from Peerless,I could tell at a glance,But the cut was okay,and so were the pants.He was triple XL,a real groisser goof,So I yelled out,"Meshuggener! Get off from mein roof!"He jumped down and saidas he shook hands with me,"Max Klaus is the name.You have maybe some tea?"So I gave him a gleisel,while he shook his white mop,Mutt'ring, "Always the same thing,They're dreying my kopp!"From Vancouver to Glacier Bay,Outremont to Reginek,Every shmo in the worldhakks meir a cheinik!They're screaming for presents,and hallah with schmaltz,And from Brooklyn alone,the back pain, gevaltz!"So we sat and yentehed,and we spun the old dreydels,(He took all of my money,and one of my knaidels)He said, "Business is not bad,a living I make,But I'm getting too oldfor this Hanukkah fake;And the cell phones, you seehow my pacemaker dings?For two cents I'd quit,and move to Palm Springs?"And he gave a geshreias he fled mit a lakht,"Gut Yontiff to All,Vey iz Mir, Such a Nakht!"A fat alte kakker
was making a kvitsch.

I jumped up real quick
and I ran to the door,
Was it a bandeet,
or only a schnorrer?

He wasn't alone;
he had eight ferdelakh,
And called them by name
as he gave a gebrakh:

"On Moishe, on Yankel, on Itzik, on Sam,
On Mendel, on Shmendrik, on Feivush, on Ham;
My kidneys are kvelling;
do you give a damn?"

He had a white beard
and payyes to boot,
And to keep out the cold,
he had such a nice suit!

A second from Peerless,
I could tell at a glance,
But the cut was okay,
and so were the pants.

He was triple XL,
a real groisser goof,
So I yelled out,
"Meshuggener! Get off from mein roof!"

He jumped down and said
as he shook hands with me,
"Max Klaus is the name.
You have maybe some tea?"

So I gave him a gleisel,
while he shook his white mop,
Mutt'ring, "Always the same thing,
They're dreying my kopp!"

From Vancouver to Glacier Bay,
Outremont to Reginek,
Every shmo in the world
hakks meir a cheinik!

They're screaming for presents,
and hallah with schmaltz,
And from Brooklyn alone,
the back pain, gevaltz!"

So we sat and yentehed,
and we spun the old dreydels,
(He took all of my money,
and one of my knaidels)

He said, "Business is not bad,
a living I make,
But I'm getting too old
for this Hanukkah fake;

And the cell phones, you see
how my pacemaker dings?
For two cents I'd quit,
and move to Palm Springs?"

And he gave a geshrei
as he fled mit a lakht,
"Gut Yontiff to All,
Vey iz Mir, Such a Nakht!"

Happy Hanukkah & Merry Christmas

The Rogue Jew

Thursday, December 08, 2005


The TSA Administration at JFK Airport in New York must have the same dumb asses running the joint as the ones who stumble through their day at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids.


They let a possible suicide bomber get away! They let the guy go, and THEN they called the FBI to let them know that they had let him go!?!

A man's sneakers tested positive for explosives at JFK airport. The sneakers were confiscated, but the man walked free. However, federal screeners didn’t tell any member of law enforcement what happened for days.

Luckily that did'nt happen in Grand Rapids. They probably would have served him lunch in the brand spanking new Administrative Break room and then apologized to him for his inconvenience before allowing him to scold the Screener that searched and checked his carry on luggage, let alone the one who dared asked him to take his shoes off. Laugh, I dare you....I've seen something similar to this happen in Grand Rapids before! It's kind of like old man "Moses" letting a HUGE knife get by him on the x ray.

This just goes to serve as a reminder that no matter how hard the Security Screeners work to keep the friendy skies friendly, their is a eunich in charge that "Blew" his or her way to the top that could f&*k up anything including a wet dream.

As an example, I would like to tell you about a time when my partner doing a gate check with me on a male passenger found a packet containing a suspicious white powder that ended up testing positive for Meth...The Lead Screener that day tossed the suspicious packet into the trash, thus breaking the chain of evidence! That my friends are the morons that are in charge of Commercial Aviation Security....The TSA! Headed up by the cronies of the Dept. of Homeland InSecurity! So excuse me if I don't act surprised that someone incharge of the TSA was so stupid as to let a possible suicide bomber get away.

As a reminder, I want to stress that the Screeners, the ones busting their asses everyday ARE the good guys, it's the morons that lead them from the rear...The Administration that are the consistent screw ups.

The Rogue Jew

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I think the fact that most Liberal Democrats have a less then average education probably explains their short attention span when it comes to fanatical assholes who want to destroy this country. Most Democrats have the attention span of a ferret after having a double shot of espresso.

I think these pictures should act as a reminder as to why we are in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting for the survival of this Republic and helping to give birth to a new Democratic Republic in the Middle East.

Everytime Liberal Douchebags such as Murtha, Kennedy, and that asshole Howard Dean open their mouths and talk about this country being defeated in Iraq, it just proves what unpatriotic, anti American shit heads they truly are and how deserving they are of the fact that each one of them should be on a gurney next to Stanley "Tookie" Williams when that murdering asshole gets what he deserves.....DEATH!

Don't these schmucks realize that everytime they open their mouths and speak out against our own military might that it gives our enemy hope? And if they do realize this, and I am quite sure they do, then they are guilty of Treason and of Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy, much like the 2 assholes from the Vietnam War did..."I got a boo boo, give me a medal" Sen John F. Kerry and Saigon Jane Fonda. The Republican Leadership might not have the balls to say it but I do....They are all Treasonous Cowards and should be charged as such!

As an American who is Jewish, I am sure glad that these morons were not in charge during World War 2. Their cut and run tactics would have surely guaranteed the Nazis success in Europe, Africa, and probably America. The Cowardice of Ted Kennedy and John Murtha would have likely graranteed the extermination of all Jews if they had been in charge during World War 2. Baruch Hashem that people like them were not the ones making decisions then and even NOW!

The Rogue Jew remembers Pearl Harbor and realizes the similaraties between then and NOW!

Monday, December 05, 2005


Well just when I thought the management of the Transportation Security Administration at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids Michigan could not sink any further into the depths of inconsideration toward its Screeners, I get this report from a friend of mine within the organization.

The 2 Screener Managers Bob S. and Lori M. who by the way are the most ineffective managers I have ever met, let alone two of the biggest dumbasses in the TSA have a nice new office at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Complete with kitchenette and get this...A Administrative Break Room. Microwave, Refrigerator, the works! What do the Screeners have? A 10 x 10 room with busted up old tables, a used old microwave and NO Fucking Refrigerator! None! Zilch! Zero!

When I was working for that bunch of assholes that could not be managers anywhere in the private employment world, they were constantly promising Screeners a nice Breakroom. They even claimed to have the money. Promises within the TSA are like handjobs....A dime a dozen. That's what I learned anyway.

The Screeners for a long time had an are that was largly unheated, dark and smelled of aviation exaust, but it was something. A dark cold smelly place to hang your coat and eat your lunch. Or one could fight the holiday traveling crowd for a place to eat in the lobby....Good Luck! They took that away from them and gave them a room all the way over on concourse B that is locked all of the time. A Screener has to chase down a Supervisor to get the key to THEIR OWN FUCKING BREAKROOM! Good Luck doing that. A Screener most of the time would have to walk all the way down front where Blain M. or Mark S. are usually parked smoking cigarettes or watching the Steeler football game in the Airport bar. If it's Mike R. your looking for....Hell he's usually somewhere infront of a computer putting himself or Dawn in for a monetary award.

Thats not the whole story either...The Key has to be immediately returned to the Schmuck of a Supervisor that you got it from!

This all just proves to me and my friends within the Screening ranks that the TSA Administration, aka John M., Max H., Bob S., and Lori M. do not give a damn about the ones who actually do the work at the airport....THE SCREENERS. For them to get a clue about this, they would have to pull their heads out of their own or each others asses to see.

If they cared one bit about those who work for them, they would volunteer to share their nice new administrative break room with the Screeners. I would shit my gizzard if they did that, and I'm not looking to see that happen in my life time!

Once again, the TSA is exposed as the self absorbed, ineffectual assholes that they really are...Management anyway. Screeners, Keep up the good work. I love you guys!

The Rogue Jew Strikes Again!

Thursday, December 01, 2005


How come all of the crap that flows from the pie holes of Liberal Democrats like Murtha, Nancy Pelosi and the "anti everything American Ho herself", Sen Diane Feinstein about America pulling a "Cut and Run" on the Iraqi people makes front page headlines and Anti-War and Anti-Sematic douchbags like Cindy Sheehan jump up and down with glee, but when a Democrat, A Jewish Democrat like Senator Joe Lieberman says that we need to stay, Not a freaking thing is said about it in the Liberal Mainstream Media. Nothing!

I tip my Kippah to Sen. Lieberman for having the testicles to stand up to his wayward party and speak what is truly on his mind. Maybe if Liberal Democrat Senator Carl Levin remembered that it was his foreskin that was removed and not his balls he could stand with fellow Jew Joe Lieberman and not leave him dangling in the breeze all alone.

I feel obliged to include Joe Lieberman's op ed peice in my blog today. Way to go Joe!

I have just returned from my fourth trip to Iraq in the past 17 months and can report real progress there. More work needs to be done, of course, but the Iraqi people are in reach of a watershed transformation from the primitive, killing tyranny of Saddam to modern, self-governing, self-securing nationhood--unless the great American military that has given them and us this unexpected opportunity is prematurely withdrawn.

Progress is visible and practical. In the Kurdish North, there is continuing security and growing prosperity. The primarily Shiite South remains largely free of terrorism, receives much more electric power and other public services than it did under Saddam, and is experiencing greater economic activity. The Sunni triangle, geographically defined by Baghdad to the east, Tikrit to the north and Ramadi to the west, is where most of the terrorist enemy attacks occur. And yet here, too, there is progress.

There are many more cars on the streets, satellite television dishes on the roofs, and literally millions more cell phones in Iraqi hands than before. All of that says the Iraqi economy is growing. And Sunni candidates are actively campaigning for seats in the National Assembly. People are working their way toward a functioning society and economy in the midst of a very brutal, inhumane, sustained terrorist war against the civilian population and the Iraqi and American military there to protect it.

It is a war between 27 million and 10,000; 27 million Iraqis who want to live lives of freedom, opportunity and prosperity and roughly 10,000 terrorists who are either Saddam revanchists, Iraqi Islamic extremists or al Qaeda foreign fighters who know their wretched causes will be set back if Iraq becomes free and modern. The terrorists are intent on stopping this by instigating a civil war to produce the chaos that will allow Iraq to replace Afghanistan as the base for their fanatical war-making. We are fighting on the side of the 27 million because the outcome of this war is critically important to the security and freedom of America. If the terrorists win, they will be emboldened to strike us directly again and to further undermine the growing stability and progress in the Middle East, which has long been a major American national and economic security priority.

Before going to Iraq last week, I visited Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Israel has been the only genuine democracy in the region, but it is now getting some welcome company from the Iraqis and Palestinians who are in the midst of robust national legislative election campaigns, the Lebanese who have risen up in proud self-determination after the Hariri assassination to eject their Syrian occupiers (the Syrian- and Iranian-backed Hezbollah militias should be next), and the Kuwaitis, Egyptians and Saudis who have taken steps to open up their governments more broadly to their people. In my meeting with the thoughtful prime minister of Iraq, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, he declared with justifiable pride that his country now has the most open, democratic political system in the Arab world. He is right.
In the face of terrorist threats and escalating violence, eight million Iraqis voted for their interim national government in January, almost 10 million participated in the referendum on their new constitution in October, and even more than that are expected to vote in the elections for a full-term government on Dec. 15. Every time the 27 million Iraqis have been given the chance since Saddam was overthrown, they have voted for self-government and hope over the violence and hatred the 10,000 terrorists offer them. Most encouraging has been the behavior of the Sunni community, which, when disappointed by the proposed constitution, registered to vote and went to the polls instead of taking up arms and going to the streets. Last week, I was thrilled to see a vigorous political campaign, and a large number of independent television stations and newspapers covering it.

None of these remarkable changes would have happened without the coalition forces led by the U.S. And, I am convinced, almost all of the progress in Iraq and throughout the Middle East will be lost if those forces are withdrawn faster than the Iraqi military is capable of securing the country.

The leaders of Iraq's duly elected government understand this, and they asked me for reassurance about America's commitment. The question is whether the American people and enough of their representatives in Congress from both parties understand this. I am disappointed by Democrats who are more focused on how President Bush took America into the war in Iraq almost three years ago, and by Republicans who are more worried about whether the war will bring them down in next November's elections, than they are concerned about how we continue the progress in Iraq in the months and years ahead.

Here is an ironic finding I brought back from Iraq. While U.S. public opinion polls show serious declines in support for the war and increasing pessimism about how it will end, polls conducted by Iraqis for Iraqi universities show increasing optimism. Two-thirds say they are better off than they were under Saddam, and a resounding 82% are confident their lives in Iraq will be better a year from now than they are today. What a colossal mistake it would be for America's bipartisan political leadership to choose this moment in history to lose its will and, in the famous phrase, to seize defeat from the jaws of the coming victory.

The leaders of America's military and diplomatic forces in Iraq, Gen. George Casey and Ambassador Zal Khalilzad, have a clear and compelling vision of our mission there. It is to create the environment in which Iraqi democracy, security and prosperity can take hold and the Iraqis themselves can defend their political progress against those 10,000 terrorists who would take it from them.

Does America have a good plan for doing this, a strategy for victory in Iraq? Yes we do. And it is important to make it clear to the American people that the plan has not remained stubbornly still but has changed over the years. Mistakes, some of them big, were made after Saddam was removed, and no one who supports the war should hesitate to admit that; but we have learned from those mistakes and, in characteristic American fashion, from what has worked and not worked on the ground. The administration's recent use of the banner "clear, hold and build" accurately describes the strategy as I saw it being implemented last week.
We are now embedding a core of coalition forces in every Iraqi fighting unit, which makes each unit more effective and acts as a multiplier of our forces. Progress in "clearing" and "holding" is being made. The Sixth Infantry Division of the Iraqi Security Forces now controls and polices more than one-third of Baghdad on its own. Coalition and Iraqi forces have together cleared the previously terrorist-controlled cities of Fallujah, Mosul and Tal Afar, and most of the border with Syria. Those areas are now being "held" secure by the Iraqi military themselves. Iraqi and coalition forces are jointly carrying out a mission to clear Ramadi, now the most dangerous city in Al-Anbar province at the west end of the Sunni Triangle.

Nationwide, American military leaders estimate that about one-third of the approximately 100,000 members of the Iraqi military are able to "lead the fight" themselves with logistical support from the U.S., and that that number should double by next year. If that happens, American military forces could begin a drawdown in numbers proportional to the increasing self-sufficiency of the Iraqi forces in 2006. If all goes well, I believe we can have a much smaller American military presence there by the end of 2006 or in 2007, but it is also likely that our presence will need to be significant in Iraq or nearby for years to come.

The economic reconstruction of Iraq has gone slower than it should have, and too much money has been wasted or stolen. Ambassador Khalilzad is now implementing reform that has worked in Afghanistan--Provincial Reconstruction Teams, composed of American economic and political experts, working in partnership in each of Iraq's 18 provinces with its elected leadership, civil service and the private sector. That is the "build" part of the "clear, hold and build" strategy, and so is the work American and international teams are doing to professionalize national and provincial governmental agencies in Iraq.

These are new ideas that are working and changing the reality on the ground, which is undoubtedly why the Iraqi people are optimistic about their future--and why the American people should be, too.

I cannot say enough about the U.S. Army and Marines who are carrying most of the fight for us in Iraq. They are courageous, smart, effective, innovative, very honorable and very proud. After a Thanksgiving meal with a great group of Marines at Camp Fallujah in western Iraq, I asked their commander whether the morale of his troops had been hurt by the growing public dissent in America over the war in Iraq. His answer was insightful, instructive and inspirational: "I would guess that if the opposition and division at home go on a lot longer and get a lot deeper it might have some effect, but, Senator, my Marines are motivated by their devotion to each other and the cause, not by political debates."

Mr. Lieberman is a Democratic senator from Connecticut.