Sunday, December 11, 2005


More then 24 hours to go before Stan "Tookie" Williams faces justice for killing 4 people in cold blood more then 25 yrs ago.

I am just more then confused. The Liberal left....aka Democrats, are defending this schmuck saying that he is reformed, he is a changed man...Blah, blah, blah, blah.....Changed man my ass!

I guess if Tookie was truly reformed, wouldn't that include saying he's sorry to the family of the victims whose lives he took? He claims to be reformed, but yet maintains his innoconce EVEN after the most Liberal court in the land as upheld his conviction and even his sentence of death.

Once again I ask...Where were these celebraties when an innocent woman who commited no crime whatsoever was given a death sentence just for being unable to care for herself? The media's reports of Terry Schiavo being brain dead were of course false and unfounded but yet, not a sound or even a peep from the likes of Snoop Dog, Danny Glover, or Susan Sarandon when the husband of Terry Schiavo and the doctors he paid off cut off his wife's food and water supply and literally starved her to death. Not a peaceful death where one pulls the plug and the person just "Falls asleep", no! She was starved to death just like millions of Jews and Poles were during the genocidal mayhem of the Holocaust.

It just astounds me the battles these elitist liberals decide to hoist a banner up for. They compare President Bush to Hitler but sing the praises of convicted killer who has shown absofreakinlutely no remorse for. NONE!

The left would sell tickets to see any conservative Republican executed just for supporting the war in Iraq, but want to save the life of a man who mudered 4 innocent people. Murdered. Killed. Denied them of life, liberty and the pursuit of happines. Now that is oky doky in the eyes of the Hollyweird elite.

Am I the only person who sees how wrong this is?

I guess if you want to put it into perspective, you could even compare a life in prison, locked away never to see the outside world again could be the same as the prison that Terry Schiavo was in. In the eyes of the liberals who supported her execution, they should want something better for Stan "Tookie" Williams then suffering the rest of his life behind bars.

Instead of lethal injection, I say we strap him to a bed and deny him any food and water till he dies a nice and "peaceful" death, like Terry Schiavo did.

I hope that the "Terminator" in office, Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger shows the world that he is not without testicles and denies any form of clemency to Stan "Tookie" Williams and allows the State of California to end his suffering. At least he's being given a more humane way to die, unlike Terry Schiavo who was not given that opportunity.

I plan on being awake and watching the news so that I can begin celebrating the death of a cold blooded killer by singing, "Too-too-tookie goodbye. Too-too-tookie don't cry". HA HA HA

The Rogue Jew


The Executioner said...

Will he order Chicken or Steak?

The_Bad said...

Simple Liberal Principle: use the courts to legislate what you believe (i.e. gay marriage) regardless of whether it is what the people want. Ignore the courts when they make decisions you don't like (i.e. death penalty) regardless of the fact that it is a unanimous decision by a jury of 12 peers and has withstood decades of appeal scrutiny.

To sum it up, the basic liberal tenant is: what I want, when I want it. Everyone else's opinion be damned.