Thursday, December 29, 2005


The Marlboro Man has been violated by the Gay Mafia! In their attempt to "normalize" men butt slamming other men, they have raped the final frontier of masculinity...The Cowboy.

Some people have given me a hard time about not going to see this movie. "Give it a chance" they tell me. Is that what Michael Jackson said to the little boys that he violated. I don't want to give it a chance. I think that men schtupping other men is freaking wrong! Period, end of fucking story!

I think this movie is an attempt by the Backdoor Mafia to normalize what is wrong. From everything I read, it wants you to "Feel" for the men for the pain they endured in their relationship with each other. What about the ruined lives of the one that was married with children? No focus on that, but then again, the left does not care about the normal family unit which consists of one mom, one dad, a couple of kids and a dog...That's normal. To the left, and their gay supporters, it is wrong.

My idea of gay rights is 10% off of a tube of vaseline. Take it and get back in the fucking closet!

I Will Not See This Movie! I Will Never, Ever, EVER Think that homosexuality is right or healthy. I have met Gay People before, they were nice, but I just absofreakinglutley DO NOT agree with their lifestyle...PERIOD. I DON'T HAVE TOO!

My prediction for this movie is that it will win a ton of awards just because Hollyweird wants to prove just how far off from the mainstream they really are.

In the meantime, I am going to go to bed to snuggle with my wife and dream of days when men were really men and not feminized sphincter stretching, backdoor slamming fairys.

The Rogue Jew


Lonewatchman said...

Oh Sean where are you now?

Jack's Shack said...

A little over the top, dontcha think

BIG-L said...

I have to go see Heath no matter what he's in.
Of course this may be the LAST time I see him, but I'll live dangerously. After all I was a Screener at one low point in time!

Anonymous said...

Rouge Jew Right on brother. I get so tired of having to put up with type of CRAP!

Anonymous said...

Amen brother Ze'Ev. I saw the movie "Jarhead" a few months back and mistakenly said "Jake" made that movie. Then he shows up in this ass penetrating bullshit!

Anonymous said...

We think backdoor mountain was a huge pain in the arse, pardon the pun. Of course now i am scared for life. I'll never look at Heath the same again.

Anonymous said...

I was impressed by Ze'Ev's opinions on Brokeback Mountain. It's always enlightening to hear someone's views on a film they have not seen.

The statement that there was no focus on the wife's distress is of course bullshit, as anyone who has seen the film would know. Her bewilderment is very clearly shown, and the viewer is invited, quite rightly, to feel concern for her.

The reason for Ze'ev's posting is a little bewildering in itself. If he doesn't want to see a movie, what's the problem? I doubt that anyone is trying to force him to see it. As for liking or not liking homosexuals or their lifestyle, it's a big world, and there is room for many lifestyles.

A few hundred years ago Ze'ev might well have been tortured and/or murdered by those who diasapproved of his religion or his race or his opinions. Hopefully we have progressed a little since then.