Monday, December 05, 2005


Well just when I thought the management of the Transportation Security Administration at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids Michigan could not sink any further into the depths of inconsideration toward its Screeners, I get this report from a friend of mine within the organization.

The 2 Screener Managers Bob S. and Lori M. who by the way are the most ineffective managers I have ever met, let alone two of the biggest dumbasses in the TSA have a nice new office at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Complete with kitchenette and get this...A Administrative Break Room. Microwave, Refrigerator, the works! What do the Screeners have? A 10 x 10 room with busted up old tables, a used old microwave and NO Fucking Refrigerator! None! Zilch! Zero!

When I was working for that bunch of assholes that could not be managers anywhere in the private employment world, they were constantly promising Screeners a nice Breakroom. They even claimed to have the money. Promises within the TSA are like handjobs....A dime a dozen. That's what I learned anyway.

The Screeners for a long time had an are that was largly unheated, dark and smelled of aviation exaust, but it was something. A dark cold smelly place to hang your coat and eat your lunch. Or one could fight the holiday traveling crowd for a place to eat in the lobby....Good Luck! They took that away from them and gave them a room all the way over on concourse B that is locked all of the time. A Screener has to chase down a Supervisor to get the key to THEIR OWN FUCKING BREAKROOM! Good Luck doing that. A Screener most of the time would have to walk all the way down front where Blain M. or Mark S. are usually parked smoking cigarettes or watching the Steeler football game in the Airport bar. If it's Mike R. your looking for....Hell he's usually somewhere infront of a computer putting himself or Dawn in for a monetary award.

Thats not the whole story either...The Key has to be immediately returned to the Schmuck of a Supervisor that you got it from!

This all just proves to me and my friends within the Screening ranks that the TSA Administration, aka John M., Max H., Bob S., and Lori M. do not give a damn about the ones who actually do the work at the airport....THE SCREENERS. For them to get a clue about this, they would have to pull their heads out of their own or each others asses to see.

If they cared one bit about those who work for them, they would volunteer to share their nice new administrative break room with the Screeners. I would shit my gizzard if they did that, and I'm not looking to see that happen in my life time!

Once again, the TSA is exposed as the self absorbed, ineffectual assholes that they really are...Management anyway. Screeners, Keep up the good work. I love you guys!

The Rogue Jew Strikes Again!


Former Screener said...

I use to work for the TSA in GR. Bob and Lori are the two dumbest people I have ever encountered in my entire life...I feel dumber just for having known them.

Flying CEO said...

I am a frequent flyer and fly thru Grand Rapids often. I have often noticed the mistreatment of Screeners by their supervisors. As a manager myself I am appalled that these people have been allowed to get away with this for so long. Screeners have my utmost respect. The Supervisors and managenment of the TSA would have a tough time making it in the private sector with the way they act.

Right Winger said...

Dude! LMAO!!

Can I use that Fucktard pic??

You made my day with that one!!

Anonymous said...

John and Max, you two sacks of shit should be standing in front of Mel Trotter waiting for soup. As for Bob and Lori, why the fuck would you go to a job everyday where not a single one of your employees has any respect for you at all? Well I already know the answer, because you are so worthless and cowardly you could never find a comparable job anywhere else. I would like to point out to Rogue how quickly they fired the Jewish guy and how slowly they fired an African American Christian. Maybe you ought to call your buds at the ADL.

Pissed off @ GRR said...

All I can say is that Lori must be able to at least make coffee, cause that bitch isnt good for anything else. That Hillary lookin bitch must have got her job under Mummas desk. I have never in my life met a more worthless cunt ever. I am still stuck at the GRR till I find something better and at least with her and her dumb ass partner in slime Bob S having their offices out front now, I dont have to look at them as often as before....Get me the fuck out of here!!!! Oh yeah, Mike Kaines is the biggest cocksucker on checkpoint a and b. Kent is a Ego Maniac and Mark S on second is the biggest blunderhead second only to Spade! Jesus, someone must have to tell these fuckers to breath every now and then they are so fucking stupid. I hate this job! Oh yeah....Max, FUCK YOU! Happy Fucking Holidays....Pissed off Screeners of America!

Kent County Posse said...

The TSA is the biggest government snow job since welfare. The Screeners are hard working people but the management are nothing but overpaid flunkies with friends in high places. People like Mumma and Harnish having these jobs is just proof that as long as you kiss the right ass in this world you can go places.
I served under Max on the KCSD and I can tell you for a fact that he is the most worthless peice of shit that ever carried a gun. That asshole would sell out his mother to move up. I know cause I arrested her on Division Ave and he was her pimp!
RJ, Keep it up man...You have brought hours of laughter to many of us at the station. We love this site! Those of us who had to suffer thruough years and years with Max understand fully what a prick he is. As a taxpayer I feel ripped off. I want a fucking refund!