Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I think the fact that most Liberal Democrats have a less then average education probably explains their short attention span when it comes to fanatical assholes who want to destroy this country. Most Democrats have the attention span of a ferret after having a double shot of espresso.

I think these pictures should act as a reminder as to why we are in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting for the survival of this Republic and helping to give birth to a new Democratic Republic in the Middle East.

Everytime Liberal Douchebags such as Murtha, Kennedy, and that asshole Howard Dean open their mouths and talk about this country being defeated in Iraq, it just proves what unpatriotic, anti American shit heads they truly are and how deserving they are of the fact that each one of them should be on a gurney next to Stanley "Tookie" Williams when that murdering asshole gets what he deserves.....DEATH!

Don't these schmucks realize that everytime they open their mouths and speak out against our own military might that it gives our enemy hope? And if they do realize this, and I am quite sure they do, then they are guilty of Treason and of Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy, much like the 2 assholes from the Vietnam War did..."I got a boo boo, give me a medal" Sen John F. Kerry and Saigon Jane Fonda. The Republican Leadership might not have the balls to say it but I do....They are all Treasonous Cowards and should be charged as such!

As an American who is Jewish, I am sure glad that these morons were not in charge during World War 2. Their cut and run tactics would have surely guaranteed the Nazis success in Europe, Africa, and probably America. The Cowardice of Ted Kennedy and John Murtha would have likely graranteed the extermination of all Jews if they had been in charge during World War 2. Baruch Hashem that people like them were not the ones making decisions then and even NOW!

The Rogue Jew remembers Pearl Harbor and realizes the similaraties between then and NOW!

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