Saturday, November 27, 2010

What A Punk!

Chicago Jesus got his ass royally kicked in a pick up basketball game with some of his friends and family and wound up getting fat lip!

From AP Washington:
WASHINGTON (AP)President Barack Obama needed 12 stitches in his lip after taking an errant elbow during a pickup basketball game Friday with a group of family and friends visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday, the White House said.
Press secretary Robert Gibbs said in a statement that Obama was inadvertently struck by an elbow. The elbow’s owner wasn’t identified.
Obama received the stitches under local anesthesia in the doctor’s office on the ground floor White House after he returned home.
The president had traveled to nearby Fort McNair to indulge in one of his favorite athletic pursuits, basketball. It was a five-on-five contest involving family and friends and including Reggie Love, Obama’s personal assistant who played at Duke University.
Obama emerged from the building after about 90 minutes of play, wearing short-sleeve T-shirt and gym pants, and was seen dabbing at his mouth with what appeared to be a wad of gauze.

Karma's a bitch, is it not Mr. President?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Obama's New Bill of Rights

Like it or not, this is what Chicago Jesus is doing to our country and our freedoms!  Just go through any security checkpoint at any airport and see for yourself.

Sunday Humor

Because it's funny as hell.

Used Car Salesman In Chief

Reuters:  U.S. President Barack Obama took time out from a NATO summit in Lisbon on Saturday to tout a new hybrid electric car which General Motors plans to roll out in Europe next year.Obama found himself acting as salesman-in-chief for GM Opel’s Ampera model just days after he declared in Washington that U.S. taxpayers would get their money back for saving GM in a bailout that was broadly unpopular.*
Calling the Ampera an “example of GM technology”, Obama said: “This is the future.”
“This is a car made in America,” he said after inspecting an Ampera at the convention centre where he was wrapping up a two-day NATO summit. “We’re going to start selling it in Europe.”
GM last week was refloated as a public company amid heavy investor demand, and the White House sought to take credit for what it saw as a successful turnaround.
Public anger over the bailout, along with rescue packages for Wall Street banks, contributed to heavy losses for Obama’s Democrats in the Nov. 2 congressional election.*
But the stock sale capped GM’s recovery from near-collapse, thanks to a $50 billion government rescue.*

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fail Trip Part 2

After proving his prowess as a total failure in Asia, Obama is off again on his way out of the country to Fail yet again in Europe.

From Right Wing News:

If President Barack Obama is not yet convinced that his international star power has faded, his next round of transatlantic summitry should clear up any lingering doubts.

Coming off a marathon Asia trip where Obama often found himself rebuffed by fellow world leaders, he will head to Europe this week where the agenda will be clouded by a growing divide over economic strategy and a sense of neglect among traditional U.S. allies.

It will not be lost on his European hosts that Obama, who visited Europe six times in his first year, is dashing to Lisbon for little more than 24 hours on the ground after conducting a 10-day four-country tour of Asia.

The Enemy Within

The Enemy is among us...He calls himself your friend, but his agenda says otherwise.  Not only are the Islamic Terrorists trying to invade and destroy this great nation, but one of our own is in on it also.  Millions of unknowing people drank from his cup and brought him into our lives not knowing that he would seek to destroy us.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Airport Secuirty Measures To Be Implemented For Holiday Travel

Just in time for the Holiday travel season, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is implementing new security measures for Law Abiding American Citizens to endure before boarding a flight.  Muslims will of course be exempt from this procedure so as to not piss of the followers of the Cartoon Like Prophet Muhammad because as we all know, they are a religion of peace who will cut your head off and splode themselves if agitated by any added security.  So don't forget everyone, drop your socks and grab your cocks, it's holiday travel time!

Saturday, November 13, 2010