Thursday, December 08, 2005


The TSA Administration at JFK Airport in New York must have the same dumb asses running the joint as the ones who stumble through their day at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids.


They let a possible suicide bomber get away! They let the guy go, and THEN they called the FBI to let them know that they had let him go!?!

A man's sneakers tested positive for explosives at JFK airport. The sneakers were confiscated, but the man walked free. However, federal screeners didn’t tell any member of law enforcement what happened for days.

Luckily that did'nt happen in Grand Rapids. They probably would have served him lunch in the brand spanking new Administrative Break room and then apologized to him for his inconvenience before allowing him to scold the Screener that searched and checked his carry on luggage, let alone the one who dared asked him to take his shoes off. Laugh, I dare you....I've seen something similar to this happen in Grand Rapids before! It's kind of like old man "Moses" letting a HUGE knife get by him on the x ray.

This just goes to serve as a reminder that no matter how hard the Security Screeners work to keep the friendy skies friendly, their is a eunich in charge that "Blew" his or her way to the top that could f&*k up anything including a wet dream.

As an example, I would like to tell you about a time when my partner doing a gate check with me on a male passenger found a packet containing a suspicious white powder that ended up testing positive for Meth...The Lead Screener that day tossed the suspicious packet into the trash, thus breaking the chain of evidence! That my friends are the morons that are in charge of Commercial Aviation Security....The TSA! Headed up by the cronies of the Dept. of Homeland InSecurity! So excuse me if I don't act surprised that someone incharge of the TSA was so stupid as to let a possible suicide bomber get away.

As a reminder, I want to stress that the Screeners, the ones busting their asses everyday ARE the good guys, it's the morons that lead them from the rear...The Administration that are the consistent screw ups.

The Rogue Jew


Anonymous said...

Just hit the "next blog>>" button and landed here. Hey, no other comments, what a surprise.

You are an idiot.

Lonewatchman said...

Well ya know Max maybe your computer wanted you to see this post.

Starfish Destroyer said...

So true. Especially with Michigan harboring so many humongous muzzie neighborhoods.

These muslims can walk as they want, talk as they want, then whine and cry when someone questions their remarks on kiling Jews and Christians. You would think the admin behind the screeners would not give a rats ass about PC, or who they offend. But the safety of the travelers. nice to know some terorrist shit bag can walk onto a plane with loaded sneakers and just get away.

Makes Amtrak sound safe.