Thursday, December 15, 2005


Latest news from the Transportation Security Administration is that they are not going to investigate the abusive asshole supervisors that torment and mistreat the Screening staff at Boston Logan Airport. I guess I am not surprised.

I figure that by doing this, the "upper crust" of the TSA and Dept of Homeland InSecurity has made it known just how little they think of their front line staff.

The Screeners in Boston are not alone in their daily struggle with inexperienced lack of leadership. My experiences at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport provided myself and other Screeners of the same mistreatment every single day.

Supervisors and Leads who nominate each other for cash awards while ignoring the hard work done by the Screeners, Supervisors that physically assault the Screening staff and having it ignored simply because the Supervisor was a member of a minority group and "Has anger issues and is seeking help". Being forced to stand their while a Supervisor allows a passenger to verbaly chastise a screener. A break room with little light, no heat and aircraft exaust fumes. These are just a few and I stress, a few of the things I witnessed as a Screener for the TSA.

Promises from the AFSD that he is putting together a council that will deal with the problems faced by screener....That was perhaps the biggest line of bullshit ever handed to us.

A supervisor even once tried to get a Screener to give her Social Security # and her pin number for her Personal Information under the guise that he wanted to keep track of her leave time...Thats right Mike...It was me who pinned ya for that one!

So there you have it. The Department of Homeland Security and its sub-organizational lackey, the TSA, admit there are problems -- abuses -- in the system but rather than working to end these abuses and remove the managers that are trampling on the rights of screeners across this land of ours, they want the TSA to continue to drag its feet and conduct a "study" to confirm what it already knows.

The one supervisor that they did fire at the GRR was not even fired for theft. Theft being the fact that she was putting overtime hours on her time sheet that she did'nt work. Anywhere else I've ever worked, you get fired for that...Not the TSA if your a minority woman, NOOOOOO! They demote you WITH your supervisor pay. The supervisor refused to return to work and was terminated not for theft but for AWOL. Makes sense to me?

TSA is an embarassment and those abusive and corrupt management officials within its ranks need to be purged like the cancer they are. That's the only way for the agency to regain its credibility among screeners. But that would also require the TSA to admit it made a mistake -- or a bunch of mistakes -- where those people are concerned. And that, my friends, is something I believe it is unable to do and simply refuses to do. To many cronies. Too many people with "Connections". That would explain a convicted felon working as a laison with the FBI and DHS. That person by the way was promoted from Grand Rapids, Michigan!

The TSA and DHS is proof that if you suck the right dick or kiss the right ass, one can go far in this world...It just takes a sturdy pair of Knee Pads. Right Tall Paul. Although we all know that all of that sphincter polishing and knob rubbing didn't get you that supervisors job in the long run, but it still allows a stupid asshole such as you to keep abusing and mistreating the ones who do ALL of the work to make even a schmuck like you look good...It sure in hell isn't that your a good leader because as all of the Screeners at the GRR will attest too, YOUR NOT!

Well thats it for now. Once again I have successfully bashed the Transportation Security Administration and the terminal fuck ups that sit behind the desks circle jerking each other with one hand and patting themselves on the back with the other.

The Rogue Jew

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Lonewatchman said...

I once overheard that barely-fired sup, stop a minister on the concourse and go on and on about how this minister changed her, and her husband's lives. I guess we don't crack open Exodus in come churches.