Sunday, December 18, 2005


Mary J. Blige recently was quoted "The blacker you are, the worse America is for you." That has got to be at least one of the top 20 most stupid things said this year.

Despite hardships and discrimination, many other ethnic groups in America have found their niche in life, but after 450 some years African-Americans seem to be the only group that has NOT found their place in America.

People who have immigrated here from China, Korea, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, and even many of the Arab nations have all worked hard to make their place here in America, yet African-Americans claim to be the ones left out in the cold.

Why is it that they seem to be the only group excluded from the American dream? Could it be that their so called "Leadership" has kept the notion of racism alive because it is the niche that they have found for making their wallets fatter?

You cannot tell me that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and even Louis Farakkahn have not all gotten wealty and are living the good life because of racism. If so called race discrimination was to cease to exist in our lifetime, the Reverends Al, Jesse and even Calypso Louis would all have to get "real jobs".

Socialist Liberal Democrats have worked together with Sharpton, Jackson, and even Farakkahn to keep Racial Discrimination alive and well in America just to maintain their legions of faithful voters. Democrats have done nothing to help African-Americans. The aftermath of hurricane Katrina was proof of that. Hundreds of Thousands of people so dependent on government assistance that they had not one single clue on how to help themselves. They stood there and waited for uncle Sam to rescue them like he has so many times before with welfare programs and medicaid. They did nothing to rescue themselves.

In what way is America bad for Mary J. Blige? She has a successful music career. Did racial discrimination keep her from being successful? Perhaps she has learned from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton that ones pockets get "Phat" by keeping the nightmare alive.

I don't see that White man keeping Sean "P-Diddy" Combs down and out. What about Oprah Winfrey? If America was truly as racial as Mary J. Blige seems to think, then Oprah would not be as wealthy as she is.

But Oprah is different then Al, Jesse and Mary. She is also generous and giving. You will never see Reverend Jesse reaching into his pockets and giving away cars. He would rather strong arm GM, FORD or Chrysler into doing it for him and giving him the credit for doing it. That's how Jesse Jackson does it.

Perhaps African-Americans who feel they are excluded from the successes of the American dream need to take advantage of the free education that is offered them in the public school system.

Bill Cosby was chatised by his peers and attacked for going against the status quo when it comes to racism.

When immigrants came to America during the early 1900's, nothing was handed to them. They fought discrimination and had barriers thrown up against them too. Irish, Italians, Germans, Poles, and Jews! They came here with nothing and made lives for themselves. Noone did it for them.

Noone is going to do it for you. If you want it, then get off your ass and work for it. Cosby, Combs and Winfrey did it. Condoleeza Rice did it. Colon Powell too. Government is not bound by the Constitution to make sure every single person is successful. That is up to you.


Mother Hen said...

I think that's the best thing I've read in quite a while. I believe it should be posted where more of the "downtrodden" can see it though. Put it in the Press dude!

Lonewatchman said...

It is a sad day indeed when a white man like me can be so comfortable in a 2 bedroom house, while Blige has only a mansion on the beach to scream her plight to the world.

The_Bad said...

Funny you should mention the Irish. During the Civil War, the Irish immigrating to America were immediately conscripted to fight the war the moment they stepped off the boat. While being conscripted, they were spat upon and jeered at. I'm still waiting for my reparations.

However, poverty pimps like Jackson and Sharpton wouldn't be able to make this sort of living if the people didn't follow them. It seems that very few blacks in America ask themselves "is this the dream that Dr. King had for us?" The answer is obvious.

Mel Reynolds was pardoned by Bill Clinton and hired by Jesse Jackson.

Mel Reynolds was convicted for having sex with his 16 year old campaign volunteer, among other crimes.

Bill Clinton, while amazingly avoiding conviction, has been caught, disbarred and impeached for lying under oath about his inability to keep Mr. Winky in his pants around his subordinates (plural, folks).

Jesse Jackson was found in recent years to have carried on a four year affair with one of his subordinates, fathering her child born in 1999 (even though he’s been married since 1963).

So, what has the admitted adulterer and father of a bastard child have the convicted child rapist do? “Community Development Director”. As a consultant to Rainbow/PUSH, this convicted rapist and thief is supposed to help decrease the number of African-Americans going to prison.

Everyone knows Dr. King's most famous line of his 1963 "I Have A Dream" speech about the content of one's character. Yet, judge a black man or woman on that very substance and most often you will hear them holler racism. A much lesser known quote from the same speech:

"I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slaveowners will be able to sit down together at a table of brotherhood."

So, do Jackson and Sharpton carry on King's legacy? Please!