Tuesday, December 20, 2005


It is a shame to see everything that Ronald Reagan built has been destroyed by former President George W. Bush and former Presidents Bush and Clinton.

It was reported monday that victory in Bolivia's presidential election of a left-winger who has declared himself America's "nightmare," vows to nationalize the country's natural gas industry, and is a fan of Cuba's Fidel Castro and Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez.

The success of Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) leader, Aymara Indian activist Evo Morales, was hailed in left-wing media outlets as a blow to the United States and "neoliberal" economic policies.

Morales reportedly received some 51 percent of the vote in Sunday's election, easily defeating pro-U.S. candidate Jorge Quiroga. The great Ronald Reagan would have never let something like this happen.

I warn you all, Communism is not dead. It is finding new life in Central and South America, and with the help of our biased left wing media and the Communist scum bags of Hollyweird like George Clooney and Barbara Streisand-Clinton.(She wishes anyway)

Controversial campaign pledges included recovering national control over Bolivia's hydrocarbon industry, privatized during the 1990s, and legalizing the production of coca leaves.

For those not familiar with the war on drugs, coca leaves are used in the production of Cocaine which in turn is used to make Crack Cocaine. Popular drugs amongst African-American groups like the Crips, Bloods, and other "Social Clubs" hailed by the leftist swine.

If we don't awaken to what is happening around us, then we as a free nation will fall to the Communist threat.

Socialism has failed so miserably but is still touted as the Utopia of the future. It is happening here right before our eyes.

Supportive media depict "Evo" as a working-class hero, a humble former llama herder and coca farmer whose rise to power in South America's poorest country is momentous.

Cuba's Prensa Latina news agency quoted Morales as declaring that "the Third Millennium belongs to peoples, not to the Empire" -- a reference to the U.S.

He also spoke of a drive to change the "neoliberal model" and eliminate the "neocolonial state."

The region has seen a series of leftist election victories in recent years -- in Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and now, Bolivia.

More may be on their way: South and Central America face a string of elections between this month and late next year, and several of the races feature left-wingers reported to be faring well.

Socialist Michelle Bachelet is leading in the race to be Chile's next president - and South America's first elected female president - in an election runoff against a conservative rival in January, after a successful first round earlier this month.

In Costa Rica, former president Oscar Arias -- a vocal critic of the U.S.-led war on Iraq -- heads opinion polls in the run up to a February election.

In Mexico, the party led by left-leaning former Mexico City mayor Andres Lopez Obrador enjoys a poll lead over rivals including the party of the incumbent, President Vicente Fox, ahead of elections next July.

In Ecuador's October 2006 presidential race, a socialist currently heads the polls, while in Nicaragua, Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega is hoping for a comeback in a presidential election next November.

Also late next year, Chavez in Venezuela and President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of Brazil face re-election campaigns.

Going against the trend is Colombia, where conservative President Alvaro Uribe enjoys strong opinion poll figures ahead of an election next May.

In Peru, which votes in April, conservative candidate Lourdes Flores is the current poll leader, but close behind are two left-wingers, including a supporter of Chavez.

The Dominoe effect is happening right in front of us as predicted in the 80s that was ignored by Former Failed President Jimmy Carter, but then again, Carter is a Socialist in disguise anyway as well as the biggest failure in history as a President. Same with the Clintons. Elitist that promote socialist programs, and what does that spell....COMMUNISTS!

Former President Ronald Reagan would be in tears if he saw the destruction that was taking place in our country.


Anonymous said...

There's one detail you are forgetting... all those countries you mentioned are soberain states, not USA colonies, so what is USA sopossed to do? Invade or interfere all the aforementiones countries to prevent the left turn?

Lonewatchman said...

I think that is sovereign. Anyway if we are going to try to influence any up coming elections it should be Israel's. Sharon needs to understand God just kicked him in the head for dividing up the land. Bush and condi should take note and try to remember who their base is, get off the treasury crack pipe and start acting like the people they represent themselves to be.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Rogue Jew, you lose. Maybe there's a reason why countries that have been raped and exploited are now seeking a new model that hopefully will spread to the US and then your big ass will be screaming for even more bloody murder. The threat's rising and you don't know what do about it. Start cranking out those old disco tunes -- Freak out!

Lonewatchman said...

What model might that be? Socialism and Communism are pscyhologically and mathematically impossible to maintain. But I don't want to confused anyone's emotions by injecting reason into the debate.