Friday, December 16, 2005


I guess that incidents like gang rapes, suicide bombers and ritual murders is what we here in the United States have to look foward to if we continue to cater to Islamic Fundementalist. Of course here in the good ole US of A liberal scumbags like A C L U lawyers and Democratic asshole windbags like John Kerry and the biggest coward of all who just happens to be a Murtha Fucker refer to American soldiers as Terrorists and want us to cut and run just like we did in John Kerry's Vietnam and Jimmy Carter's Iran, all the while referring to Islamic Terrorists as "Freedom Fighters" and giving them a free pass with the liberal mainstream media.

In Australia where the latest rounds of Muslim Rioting is happening, the leftist media fails to tell people the real reasons behind the rioting.

In Australia this week amidst anger over an Islamic man’s rape conviction and the bashing of two Aussie life savers, working-class locals erupted in a rampage of anger and brawling in some of the worst racial riots in decades. But there is more to the story than is being repeated in the American mainstream media....

Four days after he set foot in Australia, the rape spree began. And during his sexual assault trial in a New South Wales courtroom, the Pakistani man began to berate one of his tearful 14-year-old victims because she had the temerity to shake her head at his testimony.

But she had every reason to express her disgust. After taking an oath on the Qur’an, the man – known only as MSK – told the court he had committed four attacks on girls as young as 13 because they had no right to say “no.” They were not covering their face or wearing a headscarf, and therefore, the rapist proclaimed: “I’m not doing anything wrong.”

MSK is already serving a 22-year jail term for leading his three younger brothers in a gang rape of two other young Sydney girls in 2002. In his own defence, he argued that his cultural background, was responsible for his crimes.

And he is right.

In some parts of Pakistan, sexual assault – including gang rape – is officially sanctified as a legitimate form of enforcing the social value system.

One village council recently ordered that five young girls should be “abducted, raped or murdered” for refusing to be treated as chattel. The girls were aged between six and thirteen when they were married without their knowledge, to pay a family debt.

And when Mukhtar Mai’s 12-year-old brother was alleged to have committed an offence in a small Pakistani farming village, the village council ordered that his sister be gang-raped. So, she was taken to a hut where four men repeatedly assaulted her.

And of course here in the UNITED STATES, Islam is referred to as the "Religion of Peace". Peace my ass, more like a "Forced peice of ass".

When are people going to get wise? Islam people do not want peace with us. They want to DOMINATE us. Dominate the world! Our complacancy and our ways of appeasment are going to allow this to happen right under our very eyes!

Many Western leftists habitually excuse these crimes against women in order to maintain political solidarity with their allies in the Islamic world. After all, it would be tough to make common cause with Muslim groups in the antiwar movement if Progressives began to criticize the practice of polygamy. I thought that it was the compasionate left that defended the rights of minorities and women? Hmm. As usual, that would be just lip service from the Democrats, not actual action. Thats a dime a dozen in Washington much like a cheap hooker on her knees, Right Bill?

While rejecting the tenets of neo-Nazism, working-class Aussies who live near Cronulla Beach were saying they’ve had enough of this culturally motivated crime wave in a wave of violence that is also unacceptable. The race riots in suburban Sydney represented a clash between two polar opposites of white supremacy and Islamic male supremacy. But the average Australian seeks a midpoint between these equally vile extremes in which fairness and a single standard of law will apply to all.

I personally am sick of hearing, "Why can't we all just get along?" I think it's time for action on the part of our government to quit appeasing the Islamic nut jobs. This is a Judeo Christian nation, if they don't like it, then they can just get the fuck out and move to France with the rest of the scumbags!

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Lonewatchman said...

The Aussies gave up a lot of their gun rights awhile ago. I bet they wish they had an armed population now, since the muslims most certainly are an armed population.