Friday, March 04, 2011

Dale Earnhardt, Jr., on Chevy Volt: ‘The Technology Isn’t There Yet’

If Dale Jr. weren’t wearing that Chevy Logo on his his jacket and his team sponsored in a big part by Chevy, I wonder what he really would have said….

( – NASCAR racer Dale Earnhardt Jr. said that Chevrolet’s “Volt,” a hybrid electric car, is a “good product” but the “technology isn’t there yet really to provide the consumer with something that can go a little further [in mileage] than that and do a little bit better job with that.”
At the National Guard Youth Foundation’s ChalleNGe Champions gala on Tuesday, asked Earnhardt, “One of the cars that’s been getting a lot of attention, as far as green is concerned, is the Chevy Volt, and Consumer Reports today said that it’s actually, in their mind, inefficient because it only gets 30 miles to a charge – and it’s a lot of money, it’s an expensive car. What do you think about the effort that car companies have made, with specifically the Chevy Volt?”
No matter how much Obama Motors tries to ram the Volt down our throats, the 281 cars sold in February indicates Americans are smarter than that and can see that this product is a piece of shit!
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