Friday, March 04, 2011

German Jihadist Who Killed 2 US Airmen Said He “Did it for Allah”

But according to Chicago Jesus, this has nothing to do with Islam or Terrorism, right?  Islam I’m told is a Religion of Peace???  How can this be?

Terror Color Code

From the Mirror:

The airport worker who allegedly killed two US soldiers is claimed to have told police: “I did it for Allah.”

Kosovan Arid Uka, 21, is accused of shooting dead the airmen and wounding two others after attacking their bus outside the main airport in Frankfurt, Germany, earlier this week.

He allegedly shouted Islamic slogans and opened fire, later telling police he “wanted to do my bit for Jihad”. Officers said further deaths were only avoided as his pistol jammed.

Last night it was revealed that Uka’s Facebook page contained hate-filled rants against Jews. He was listed on the social networking site under his real name but had changed it to Abu Reyann, his “warrior” title.

The page is littered with references to a Holy War and attacks on “non-believers”. One message he posted said: “If someone would call you to Holy War . . . yeah, and? That is part of this beautiful religion. One is allowed to fight unbelievers when attacked.”

He calls German Chancellor Angela Merkel an unbeliever, claiming she has sided with Israel, which he described as “a declaration of war”.

President Obama, the Liberal Messiah was last seen still searching for a motive….I know I sure feel safer knowing that Obi One and his administration are on top of this!!! (Sarcasm Intended)

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Anonymous said...

What do you expect him to do, kiss Bush's arse?

Maj Pain said...

Cool blog warrior- Keep attacking

The Rogue Jew said...

@anonymous...No but he can kiss mine!!! But then again, He kisses the asses of every thug, dictator and despot around the world, right???