Sunday, March 06, 2011

Obama’s $105 Billion Dollar Secret

Secret $105 Billion pre-approved spending found in Obamacare. We now know why Pelosi wanted the bill passed without anyone reading it. Rep. Michele Bachmann tells RightChange, "If not killed by March 18th, money gets spent period.

105 Billion Dollar ObamaCare Secret from RightChange on Vimeo.

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theo said...

Oh look, another example of Obama's vaunted Keyan....whoops... I mean Keynesian economics (same difference really) on display. It should be well known by now (like it was previously to those of us who actually think) that there is no way one can SPEND their way out of a recession. His forecast of doom and gloom early on was just a way to help facilitate his ramming these huge porkulus spending bills through congress. These do nothing for the economy or employment (obviously) but are really meant as a way to pay back all his campaign donors. What a worthless POS.....