Sunday, March 06, 2011

I Spotted A RINO & A Rat At The Rockaway St. Patrick’s Day Parade

My wife and I spent yesterday in Belle Harbor, NY and attended the Rockaway St Patrick’s Day parade to see my beautiful 11 yr old niece march with her school band in the parade, when lo and behold, I spotted both a RINO and a Rat marching in the parade.

The RINO was in the form of NY City mayor for life, Michael Bloomberg, and the Rat took the shape of a Liberal Democratic NY Congressman by the name of Anthony Weiner.

Can you spot the RINO in the below picture???


And you’re not going to have to look to hard to see the Rat in the pic below…

St. Patty's Day Rockaway 030

I must admit, that Weiner received a warmer welcome from the largely Irish Constituents then Bloomberg did, likely due to the large number of Union Members in the crowd.  Several onlookers were not so nice to Bloomberg and several people were booing the New York city Mayor.

Overall, I had a wonderful time hanging out with family and friends.  It was my first St. Patrick’s day in Rockaway where my wife was born and raised.  Unbeknownst to me, they celebrate twice in NY city…First in Rockaway, then in Manhattan with the rest of the world. LOL

Next weekend is my 46th birthday and the wife is taking me to Brooklyn to a restaurant called the Embers and we’re going to have the Porterhouse Steak for Two!!!  Happy Birthday to ME!!!!  I love that restaurant.

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