Wednesday, March 02, 2011

NJ Governor Chris Christie: “I Could Beat Obama in 2012”

This is one guy who knows how to stand up to the Union Thugs!  I hope he runs in 2012!

From The Politico:

Gov. Chris Christie said he knows he could win the White House if he ran for president next year.

The New Jersey governor and GOP rock star made the comments in an interview with the National Review last week while he was in Washington D.C.

“I have people calling me and saying to me, ‘Let me explain to you how you could win.’ And I’m like, ‘You’re barking up the wrong tree. I already know I could win.’ That’s not the issue.”

It’s the furthest out there Christie has gone about his thinking about the 2012 race, which many conservative pundits have been pleading with him to join, citing the weakness of the field. In a speech at the American Enterprise Institute, he acknowledged he sees the opportunity, but didn’t say that he also clearly sees a road to the White House over a field of more than a dozen potential GOP rivals.

He added, “The issue is not me sitting here and saying, ‘Geez, it might be too hard. I don’t think I can win.’ I see the opportunity both at the primary level and at the general election level. I see the opportunity. But I’ve got to believe I’m ready to be president, and I don’t. And I think that that’s the basis you have to make that decision.”

Close the Borders, De-fund and Repeal ObamaCare, Institute a Flat Tax, Regulate Wall Street, End Affirmative Action, Liquidate Tarp, Impose Tariffs on China, Strike Down Anchor Babies Law, Use Profiling to Prevent Terror Attacks, and Run the Country Like a Business, Not an Empire!

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theo said...

Completely defund the professional left i.e. the many headed hydra ACORN with all of its far reaching tentacles and all the others!! Why use my tax dollars to fund their American and Israel hating ideologies.......