Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Forbes: Obama Is Another Jimmy Carter

Didn’t see this one coming! (Sarcasm Intended)


From The Politico:

obama-carter-mistakesYou need to watch only a few minutes of cable news analysis to realize just how ludicrous our national energy policies have become. As escalating tensions and chaos unfold in Egypt, Libya and other Middle Eastern nations, one energy analyst suggested that if Libyan oil supplies were to fail, the United States would rely on Saudi Arabia for its oil needs. If that statement alone doesn’t put U.S. leaders on red alert, the looming national energy crisis may soon become reality.

The Obama administration is repeating the mistakes of President Jimmy Carter’s failed energy policies, which marred his term and stigmatized the 1970s. They are leading us straight into another national energy disaster.

Key members of the Obama administration believe this friction abroad underscores the need to move away from oil and gas entirely and shift to boutique forms of alternative energy. Their lack of political will to drill for oil and gas compromises our national security and jeopardizes economic recovery.

It skirts the colossal elephant in the room: Oil and natural gas produced here in the United States are likely to still account for at least 57 percent of domestic energy consumption by 2035. Not to mention that energy production here can relieve the U.S. from the dangerous grip of foreign petro dictators.

Unfortunately, this administration’s Department of the Interior, with the most anti-oil-and-gas record in U.S. history, is sabotaging any real chance of avoiding the pending energy crisis because of its continued hold on deepwater drilling permits in the Gulf of Mexico.

Couple of questions:

1) If we had followed Sarah Palin's advice to "Drill, baby, drill" back in 2008, do you suppose some of those wells would be coming on line now to replace the oil lost to this disruption in the middle east?

2) If Obama had not illegally defied a federal judge's order to resume drilling in the Gulf, do you suppose there would be a little more oil around to alleviate this huge rise in gas prices?

3) Do you suppose that the radical left's prevention of any new refining facilities in the U.S. in the last thirty or forty years might have something to do with the rise in gas prices now?

4) Where is all this wind power that was supposed to be coming on line after years spending billions of taxpayer dollars in subsidies to develop it? And don't tell me there's a shortage of wind with all the hot air coming out of Washington these days.

5) Back when Bush was president, every two or three cent rise in gas prices was front page news. Now it goes up fifteen cents in one day and the press doesn't even notice.

6) Back when Bush was president and gas prices went up over $3 a gallon, there were all kinds of calls in Congress and the press for investigations to find who was responsible. But now, no one is calling for any investigations.

7) Now that we have Obama on record as shutting down drilling in the Gulf, the green ******s are on record calling for no additional drilling anywhere, and Al Gore is on record calling for $7 a gallon gas, who does the left blame for the rapid rise in gas prices choking off the little economic recovery we were expecting to see?

You know what we need now? A good left-wing conspiracy theory about how the oil companies are driving up the cost of gas. We can put that one right next to the leftist consipiracy theory, which is believed by 40% of Democrats, that George Bush helped plan the attack on the twin towers. And right next to the one about global warming as I sit here freezing my behind in the middle of a cold snap. You just gotta laugh at some of this stuff.

facepalm of fail

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theo said...

Once can't help but get a great sense of deja vu when looking at all of Obama's policies. They have always said that Obama was really Cater's second term. I have a real love hate relationship with the Left's lack of institutional memory. They would really like to pretend that Cater's presidency wasn't the test ground for all their failed liberal policies.....