Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Missouri Introduces Law Banning Sharia Law…

I’m quite sure CAIR and the usual cast of schmucks will come out stomping their feet upon hearing this news!

From the Politico:

stoningState Legislators announced House Bill 708 Tuesday, that would ban Sharia law, as well as other foreign laws, from being applied in Missouri courts.

State Representative Paul Curtman (R-Pacific) is sponsoring the legislation, and says Missourians should be governed by American law.

“I think this is another important step in defending the rights and liberties of our citizens,” Curtman said. “Our heritage is grounded in the idea that our government must protect those rights and liberties. This legislation will help make it clear the constitution and laws of our country are the only laws that should be considered when governing our citizens in our country.”

In a press conference with Speaker of the House Stephen Tilley (R-Perry) Tuesday morning, Curtman could not provide an example of foreign law trumping domestic law in Missouri courts.

Why do people out of the need to be Politically Correct and consider themselves “Diverse” protect this archaic way of life and government?  This is truly some stone age shit!  Freedom of Religion is one thing, the freedom to enact this style of law and government upon a free people is a whole other thing!!!  If people want to live under this kind of government, then why don’t they take themselves back to the turd world country they came from that practices this shit and leave us the fuck alone!!!

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theo said...

Hmmmm..... It looks like the "Show-Me" state took a long hard look at how Britian's democracy is dying an agnol death from Islamization and took some action. It's nice to see that some people haven't been neutered (or completely lobotomized) by political correctness!!

William Hennessy said...

Sharia is Islamic jurisprudence, which prohibits things like stealing. The argument could be made that forbidding the adherence to any form of Sharia law would mandate theft.

That's not to say that ignorance is the only problem with the bill. The real issue is that you can't ban a particular religion in the United States. Not only can you not do so legally, but you can't do so and call yourself an American. Because that's not what we do.

theo said...

William Hennessy: Wow talk about circular reasoning….. But I’ll bite! For example, we already have a wealth of laws in the US that apply to ALL people in this country whether they are citizens or not that make stealing a crime. The US does not need a parallel set of laws running in tandem. You must be one of those who are trying to make the US more “Shariah compliant.” What parts of the law would you like to see implemented here? The beheadings, the stonings or cutting off hands? Please, there are some us that know Shariah is not just a religious system but rather a totalitarian way of life covering legal, financial, military as well as religion and as such has no protection under the first amendment.