Monday, March 06, 2006


DISCLAIMER: The following story is reported based on reports from unconfirmed sources. You do the math!

Once again the Rogue Jew is on the job sneaking and peaking into the secret world of that government program that is suppose to safeguard Americans who fly the "friendly skies" of our commercial airlines...The Transportation Security Administration, particularly the puss nutted, shit for brains, pencil dicked morons that manage the in-security at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The big question on everybody's minds these days is if the TSA is about to de-federalize its screening force in Grand Rapids.

My anonomys eyes and ears of the GRR have informed me that last week, while yours truly was hanging and bangin in the Big Apple, those who manage the Screening Force at the Gerald R. Ford held a super duper top secret hush hush meeting with their mindless bunch of supervisors, of which if it wasn't for the TSA they would all probably be flipping burgers at a fast food joint, or selling elephant ears at as a carni in the traveling carnival coming to a county fair near you! Digress I must when it comes to these airheads.

Anyway, at this top secret orgy of incompetence, it is rumored that FSD and AFSD had their FATASS' (Federal Aviation Transportation Airline Screnner Stupidvisors) sign a paper pledging their devotion and solidarity that they would remain on with the Federal Government when the Screeners are de-federalized or as you will, PRIVATIZED.

The current scuttlebutt going round the rumor mill is that the suspected privatization of the Screening force will occur sometime before they are able to draw a retirement so as to save millions of federal tax dollars at the expense of the unsuspecting screener who have been cheated, duped, screwed, and lied too since the day they were hired.

I am quite sure that the TSA Federal Screeners would be offered positions with the new private companies, but I can tell you from experience of having worked for Argenbright Security before and shortly after 9/11 and before the Dept. of Homeland InSecurity took over airline security that their management and supervisors were just as incompetent as the current wad stains that play desk jockey doing absofreakinglutely not a damn thing day to day.

The sad part that remains is that the current orgy of assholes get to keep their federal positions, pensions and exuberant pay to do nothing while some damn good people will be forced to put up with the same crap for less pay and benefits.

Why all of the secrecy you ask? As long as I worked there, the management has always been secretive about everything. Making up rules as they go along, when ever it suited their insensitive needs, being abusive toward the Screeners, having sexual relations with the ones they supervise thus seeing to it she was paid well for her service above and BELOW the call of duty. Incidently this supervisor still has a job and she is on "leave". (I saw him when I flew out. Nice to see ya OJ)

If there is any truth at all to this rumor, then these Federal Screeners are sitting ducks, slaving every single day for a boss who is an ungrateful schmuck who is getting paid BIG DOLLARS and getting all the credit while the Screeners get squat! All the time spent at the airport busting your ass for a retirement that you won't even get!

That's just my opinion....I maybe wrong?

The Rogue Jew

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