Monday, March 06, 2006


The dis-Honorable Senator from New York and former first lady, Hillary Clinton made claims over the weekend that she had no clue about her husband, former President who was impeached for perjury, Bill "Blow Job" Clinton's misdealings with the UAE an Arab government and it's attempts to control our ports of entry in the United States.

If you believe this heap of bullshit that spewed from the senator's lips, then I have some wonderful ocean front property in Arizona I will sell you for a great price!

The former President Bill Clinton's ties to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates should not have come as a surprise to his New York senator wife.

Mrs Clinton's own senatorial financial disclosure forms reveal that her husband earned $450,000 giving speeches in Dubai in 2002.

Officials from the UAE also donated between $500,000 and $1m to fund Mr Clinton's presidential library in Arkansas.

It was part of an effort by the emirates, said a person close to UAE officials, to forge a close relationship with a former US president who is influential and highly regarded in the region.

Democrats see the revelations about his ties to the UAE as a classic Clinton boondoggle. Mrs Clinton told the New York Post on Thursday that she did not know her husband had been contacted by Dubai officials two weeks ago and offered them advice on the deal. Although both Hillary and Bill Clinton say he stands behind her on the issue and there is no direct conflict, his relationship to the UAE has complicated her political stance on the transaction.

I am quite sure that the former first lady and junior Senator knows at all times what her adulterous, philandering, poor excuse of a husband is up to at all times. Since he got caught with his hand in the panties of a White House intern, and that his past exploits as a scum bag were exposed by other women who came foward with their stories of sexual assault by the former govenor of Arkansas, Hillary probably keeps real close tabs on her schmuck of a husband so that he doesn't do anything to ruin her chances for running as President in 2008.

Besides the fact that Bill's penis seems to cloud his thinking from time to time, a move such as this one, consulting for the UAE for money is classic Clinton greed exposed. Hillary stating she knew nothing about it? That is classic Clinton deception for political gain.

Mrs Clinton has been careful not to criticise the UAE directly, her stance has put her in the same camp as legislators who openly accuse Dubai of helping to finance the September 11 terrorist attacks and deem the UAE untrustworthy. Her two faced way of saying one thing to the voters of the United States while in a closed room, her douchebag husband tells the Arabs as he sells out his country's security not to worry about the old windbag, "It's all taken care of."

While this is all going on and our security as a soverign nation is sent spiraling down the toilet like a turd, I think it's time for me to vomit, for I am so ill as to what is occuring in my own country.

While working for the TSA at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan I got a bad taste in my mouth as to how much the Federal Government really cares about commercial airline security. Not one damn bit! Now President Bush, the one man many Republicans like myself had faith in, turns his back on the country. Politics as usual.

The only thing that has not surprised me is the fact that Ted Kennedy probably has not sobered up eneough to realize how screwed we are as Americans so that he can give us his input in between martinis and double scotch on the rocks.

May G-d have mercy on us all.
The Rogue Jew

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