Tuesday, March 07, 2006


It really is true....Incompetence begins at the top and works its down to the managers and the Federal Security Directors.

"It may be best for Chertoff to get out while the getting is good."

Rumors about Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff's resignation started late Friday after he at the last minute canceled his keynote speech at an American Bar Association conference in San Francisco.

The Internet rumors were prompted by both the cancellation and the leak on Thursday of a videotape that showed Chertoff and other DHS staffs' seeming lack of response to the briefing in preparation for Hurricane Katrina. Democrats on Capitol Hill have been calling for Chertoff's resignation for months.

Chertoff has stood tall against the criticism, knowing perhaps that it would be difficult for President Bush to find another Republican willing to take over what many in Washington consider to be the most institutionally troubled agency in the country. This is not Chertoff's fault. If blame should be placed, say White House and other Administration insiders, it should be laid at the feet of former DHS Secretary Tom Ridge, who at no point in the run-up to the creation of the agency said "No" to the way the department was pulled together from various other Cabinet level departments.

"You're pulling agencies and staff from Justice, Treasury, HHS, Agriculture, and who knows from where else," says one former White House staffer who was involved in the planning. "We were warned that many of these different groups had never played well together when they weren't part of the same agency team. But no one at the top seemed to consider that. Now we see the results."

Chertoff was not the first or even the third choice of President Bush to be head of DHS, and many associates were surprised that he gave up a seat on the federal bench to take up a post that was fraught with infighting.

If Chertoff does decide to leave, it will not be because of Katrina, his associates say -- it will be because of the Dubai Port deal, and the failings of the Treasury Department and the White House to properly vet what should have been a DHS decision, pure and simple.

"Instead, this became a multi-agency scrum and things just fell through the cracks," says a current Administration source. "There is more to come out about this deal, and it may be best for Chertoff to get out while the getting is good."


Lonewatchman said...

These idiots are going through one director every year, it should be embarassing. But it's just evidence of the fact the government isn't watching the door. Politicians and government executives live in a pre-911 world, where nothing is going to happen, so they can shape their agencies into masses of incompetent yes-men. Our money is being stolen by the government, security is BS, and change isn't going to happen without something stunning happening. Either enough Americans will wake up and vote out the pros or terrorists will create so much destruction the government will lose control.

The Rogue Jew said...

The true problem lies in the cronyism that is taking place. How else does someone with a felony record end up with a high paying job with the DHS and FBI? Friends giving their idiot buddies jobs that they cannot handle. Grand Rapids is a prime example of the schmucks that are in charge. No supervisory experience. A screener manager whose qualifications is that she worked for an airline. "Coffee, tea or Me?" She is a fine example of the idiots in charge. She has no decision making abilities other then decorating the new administrative break room. I'm sure her under desk qualifications are good, John and Max are always smiling despite knowing that all who work for them, despise them and have no respect for them as leaders, and that feeling goes down the ladder. The Managers, the lazy morons at HR, are all looked upon with vile and disgust.
The TSA is a failure in the purest form. Time for it to be laid to rest.

Yankel Feketa said...

ELIEZER ( LOUIS ) Kestenbaum was also arrested with the rabbi of spinka as being a part of the money laundering team. Kestenbaum is the president of the ODA ...