Saturday, February 18, 2006


Whatever happend to the good ole days when Hollywood made movies that made a person feel good about being an American? Back during the Cold War, we saw movies like Rocky IV when boxer Rocky Balboa beats the daylights out of some huge steroid laden Russian, or Red Dawn that portrayed teenage American high school kids defending their homeland against an armed Communist invasion of the United States.

Now we see movies made by the same Communist schmucks that McArthy warned us about that make Palestinian terrorists look like the good guy. Jews and Americans are portrayed as the bad guys.

George "Looney" Clooney who had a promising career and Gary Busey whose addictions, and arrests for Drunk Driving have made recent headlines make movies that sympathize with our enemies.

Gary Busey, who obviously has not been able to get an acting job here in the USA since his embarrassing displays on the VH-1 show FIT CLUB that features actors whose careers have crashed, trying to revive them by losing weight and displaying temper tantrums that would force a good parent to want to beat the crap out of their own children if they acted up like these losers do on national tv.

Anyway, Gary Busey traveled all the way to the other side of the world to make a movie in a Islamic country that makes our American soldiers look like thugs and thieves. How much can you hate your own country and the men and women who fight to defend it to make such a horrible movie? I'm sure given the recent attitude in the Movie Capitol of America, HOLLYWEIRD it will win some sort of honor or award. Besides, no matter how you add it all up....Gary Busey still sucks as an actor.

Chuck Norris who starred in "Delta Force" and "Invasion USA" kicked Islamofacist ass all over the big screen as we cheered. It made me feel good to be an American, and I love seeing Terrorists die!

My wife and I love going to the movies, but in the last 6 months, Hollywood has been cranking out nothing but crap. Absolutely nothing worth watching. I refuse to see a cowboy, an icon of the American west, get butt slammed by his buddy. Not going to happen!

For years my hero's have been Cowboys, Soldiers and Cops in round em up, shoot em up movies. Thanks to Hollywood, we get to see a cowboy take it in the butt. Thanks to George Clooney, we get to see Islamic suicide bombers glorified and in another one of his flops, the villinization of a Senator who warned this nation of the Communist threat and was proven right.

What's next, will Rambo be the next fallen warrior to be raped? The Gay Mafia of Hollyweird will probably release a movie called "Rambutt". A film about a gay American soldier who will assist an Islamic Terror cell in America launch a biological attack and be made to look like the boy next door who felt he was doing the right thing.

My wife and went to see "8 Below" tonight with some friends. It is the only movie that has been worth seeing in about 6 months besides "Munich" and even that had its downs. The one thing I liked about "Munich" was how they portrayed the emotions and feelings that go along with having to deal with ones enemies in a decisive manner like assisinating them.

The movie industry has been seeing a steady decline at the box office in the last couple of years, and I think it's because of the Anti-American/Pro-Islam/Pro-Gay agenda that it has been focusing on.

Barbara Streisand, George Clooney, Alec Baldwin just don't realize how disgusted mainstream America really are with their crap. They misuse the platform of the small screen and the silver screen in an attempt to embarass and humiliate President Bush. In their selfish all about "ME" mentality, they embarass and humiliate America as a nation.

In Communist China, the Hollyweird crowd would not be able to speak out against their country's leadership as they can here. Under Islamic law, Barbara Streisand, Hillary Clinton, and Madonna would have to wear a Burkah to cover their hateful mugs, but yet they defend and glorify the very ideologies that would inhibit the freedoms that they say we are losing here in the USA because of a President who actually did what he said he was going to do contrary to the "Lip Service" that the Democratic Party offers. Although the recent desire to sell our ports to an Arab owned business has me questioning the President's sanity, but that's a different story altogether.

Start making some movies that show the greatness of America and its people. Our real heroes in uniform. I want to see Islamofacists get blown to bits by Chuck Norris and Sylvester Stallone. When you start making movies like that, then you can have my entertainment dollars once again.

The Rogue Jew

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Ellie said...

Many of my husbands friends have given up their cowboy hats because of that movie! I'm afraid we as a nation have become immune to the filth because there is so much of it. We just take it!! We're becoming a nation of idiots!!!

Have you been following the muslim outrage over the cartoon? I believe at least 15 Christians have been murdered!! Terror groups are making threats to American and Israel. Can you imagine having a god that is so weak you have to riot to defend the name of your god? While the world at large is heating up Americans are watching movies promoting homosexuality.
Wake up America!!!!!

I think REAL MEN should continue to wear their cowboy hats!!!! Don't let the gays take that away from us!!!!