Monday, February 20, 2006


I love checking my tracking and seeing who has been here to check out the Roguish Ones latest work of literary art. I recently came across this site that referred to me as a "Fat Neo-Con Jew". Perhaps they don't like me? Could it be that I have offended someone with my thought and wit? I like to think that I come across as charming. Oh well, either way I think it's a hoot that I can irritate someone besides my wife that much.

They even posted my picture. Perhaps its a wanted poster. Anyway, check it out. Leave a comment or two.


1 comment:

Hastur said...

You wish you could irritate me, my good man, that's a difficult task. The post is actually about what a charming racist pseudo-fascist asshole you are! I love that in a man!

I just can't stop laughing, you're even funnier than Hitler. I guess he's a role model of sorts for you. You certainly have his genocidal wit and charm.