Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Explaining Jews, Part II: Why Are Most Jews Secular?

By Dennis Prager
FrontPageMagazine.com January 24, 2006

To understand Jews, one must understand that most Jews are not religious.
This is true even if our definition of "religious" is minimal, i.e., observant of any specifically Jewish religious laws, attends synagogue once a month or even declares a belief in God.

According to a 2003 Harris Poll, "Only 16 percent of Jews go to synagogue once a month or more often"; and regarding belief in God: "Protestants (90 percent) are more likely than Roman Catholics (79 percent) and much more likely than Jews (48 percent) to believe in God. Religious affiliation here includes many people raised as members of a religion or religious group, regardless of what they practice or believe now."


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Kevin W. said...

This likely also contributes to each religion's political affiliations. Jews and Catholics tend to vote more Democratic, suggesting they disregard the teachings of their respective religions (abortion, gay marriage etc.). Protestants, however, are more devout and tend to be more Republican, showing their devotion to their religions.