Monday, January 23, 2006


Months after her book signing event flopped, Anti-War/Anti-Israel mom is prostituting herself out to the Socialist Dictator of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.

One can be sure that Cindy and Hugo have much in common including their love of murderous dictators and their hate for Israel, America, and of course President George W. Bush.

The dysfunctional duo will be appearing together at the 6th annual World Social Forum in Caracus, Venezuela. Joining them will be speakers from Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, and Columbia.

Even most Communist nations find this "Meeting of the Minds" useless for they offer few ideas and concentrate mainly on general and vague criticism of "neo-liberalism" and imperialism. Most of it's members are sheeple from the far left including Social Democrats and Anarchists.

I can just imagine the scene. Sheehan whose popularity has run its inevitable short course noticed the attention Chavez had been getting lately thanks fellow anti-American and a Communist sympathizer, Calypso Harry Belefonte. Of course being the attention whore that she is probably begged the South American despot to give her some of the lime light in which she can spew her Anti-American venom so that she can be responsible for more soldiers deaths.

I am quite surprised that her American hating friends Congressman John Murtha, Sen. John Kerry and Former President Jimmy Carter are not joining her at this Festival of Hate. Their dislike for their own country, it's men and women in uniform, and especially President George W. Bush would be the glue that bind this slime together.

Having spent a better part of 10 yrs working for the Michigan Dept. of Corrections, I can honestly compare Cindy Sheehan's need for attention to that of a crack whore selling her ass for a rock of cocaine. There is no depths too low for her to stoop to get her fix. She will sell herself to any Anti-American/Anti-Semitic douchebag puke stain that agrees to give her even a single minute of the spotlight from which to say anything negative against America, George Bush and Israel...After all, she has called Islamic Terrorists who kill Jews "freedom Fighters" and has called for the Jews of Israel to give up their rightfull ownership of Jewish lands; Israel.

I just can't wait to see what vile creature Mother Sheehan will align herself with next as her need for attention grows like that of a cancerous tumor or a heroin addict needing to shoot up again. If Hitler were alive today, I could picture him and Cindy together calling for the solution to the Jewish problem of Europe and she would be right there blaming the Jews for the war in Europe and probably even blaming the Jews for the Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor.

Cindy's shame knows no boundries. Her hate for her own country and her love of the attention from the Leftist Liberal Communists we call Democrats in this country. Cindy in the past has called upon President Bush to quit using her sons name to justify his so called lies. Cindy, isn't it about time you quit exploiting the memory of your heroic son for your own personal gain?

The Rogue Jew

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