Wednesday, January 25, 2006


After watching the Senate Judicial hearing for the appointment of Samuel Alito to the post of Supreme Court Justice, I started to seriously examine what the core beliefs of the Liberal Democratic party really are. What I discovered is that the Democrats of John F. Kennedy and my dear mother no longer exist and what they really believe in is truly disturbing.

Democrats first and foremost are above all else the Abortion party. All forms of abortions including the hellraiser of all, Partial Birth Abortion, where the fully developed baby is partially delivered and the head pierced with a sharp instrument and the brains sucked out thus collapsing the skull, killing the baby before fully delivering what remains of the dead baby. No ifs, ands, or buts about it! For whatever reason the mother desires. Abortion without any restrictions whatsoever. Parental notification? According to the Democrats, Hell No!

Speaking of death and killing, the Democrats believe in Euthenasia of a person merely for not being able to care for themselves. Terry Schiavo was NOT brain dead as the mainstream media depicted. What did the Democrats say? Kill her!

Although when it comes to being pro life. The Democrats are pro life only when it is the life of a convicted murderer, rapist or child molester. According to the Liberal Democrats and their biggest supporters in Hollyweird, Murderers, Rapist, Child Molesters and Genocidal Maniacs deserve to live a full and luxurious life. I'm sure in their eyes, the victim deserved it for some reason or another.

Democrats also believe that oral sex with a person or persons other then one's spouse is NOT considered adultery, hell the Democrat in question did'nt regard oral sex as "Sex". I believe the gospel according to Bubba, verse 69 is "Eatin aint cheatin!".

Democrats also believe that if you lie under oath about said oral copulation with the person other then one's spouse, it is NOT considered perjury and is completely understandable and receives a free pass.

Democrats believe that our men and women in uniform are criminals, terrorists, and I believe the word thugs has been used also. In the same breath, Democrats believe that terrorists such as Osama bin Laden, Arafat, Castro, and all of their Islamowacko friends are really the good guys. Freedom Fighters. Misunderstood young men in need of a hug and more of your tax dollars disguised as foreign aid to fund their late nite basketball games.

Democrats believe that convicted murderers, rapists, car jackers, and child molesters should be allowed to vote in local, state and national elections. Democrats believe that this group of fine upstanding citizens are the future to their grab at regaining power at all levels of government.

In their defense of the Criminals and the perpetrators of violence, the Democrats believe that guns should be removed from the hands of law abiding citizens. We are not capable of defending ourselves. That is a duty that should be left up to the state and the Armed Forces.

Democrats believe that it is a crime to eavesdrop on terrorists and their contacts here in the United States as a way of preventing further attacks on our soil. But they believe it is ok to spy on American citizens and use strong arm tactics against people that they deem to be personal enemies. Not threats to National Security. Just the fact that they might tell someone that Bill got his knob polished in the Oval Office by a young intern.

The belief system of the Liberal Democrats is truly disturbing and frightening. The very foundation of their platform is that of Murder and Death. Many of their beliefs are very similar to that of Adolph Hitler. Gun control and euthenasia are both beliefs that brought about Hitler's rise to power. The Democratic party is controled by the feminazis, race baiters, the gay mafia and funded by the monsterous Abortion machine. Industralized death and the destruction of the family unit of America. All of this brought to you courtesy of the Democratic Party and their REAL beliefs.

I have searched and searched for at least one positive belief that the Democrats hold dear to them and cannot find even one. The Democrats call themselves the "Moral Barometer" of America. If that is true, then it is no wonder that this nation is in a nose dive when it comes to values or morals. Gay Cowboys, Movies that glorify the mass murder of the Jewish people, and an abortion industry that rivals the Big 3 auto makers. G-d help us all if these merchants of death and immorality ever gain control again!

I believe that given the track record of this Fiesta of Felons, that I will never, ever vote for anyone of these morally dysfunctional shcmucks, even if they paid me. As a Jew, I find it difficult to find any reason to even like anyone of the schmucks of the Democratic Party, let alone vote for one. Jews are leaders in the financial world, the entertainment world, and the literary world. But when it comes to defending and standing up for themselves as a people they literally fall flat on their faces. It is appalling that the people they stand up and defend, are the same ones that support the very people that want to destroy the Jews as a people.

The Rogue Jew

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Anonymous said...

The Dems have one good position for America. The Dems will do whatever they can to support terrorists and hog tie law enforcement and the military. This is positive because terrorist strikes tend to be against blue states and blue cities. Additionally the survivors and observers tend to wake up to the truth about liberalism, and how terrorism should be responded to, which is to utterly destroy the enemy.