Monday, January 23, 2006


Former President and Ultra Liberal Jimmy Carter, who is perhaps America's biggest failure as a President expressed his faith in the Islamic Terror Organization Hamas and their participation in Palestinian Elections which are to be held January 25th.

Hamas, by the way is the Islamic Terrorist Organization that made suicide bombing a household word and cast a shadow of darkness over every Jew that boarded a bus or sat in a crowded coffee shop or night club.

It is believed that the Terror group will dominate this weeks elections in the former Jewish territory that was given to the so called Palestinian people as a olive branch of peace and their gratitude toward the generous Israelis has been by firing missles into the neigborhoods bordering the Gaza strip.

Jimmy Carter proves his schmuckability everytime he opens his peanut hole. Carter said, "While the group maybe Terrorists, at least their not corrupt." He also referred to Hamas as "so-called Terrorists".

Jimmy Carter, referring to his negotiations with Palestinian Terror Chief and genocidal maniac who is responsible for the death of thousands of Jews said "Sometimes you have to learn to work with terrorists."

Hey Jimmy you putz, which is it, are they Terrorists or So-Called Terrorists?

Hamas' manifesto still calls for continued ARMED struggle against the Jewish State of Israel and that it wants to contribute to the establishment of a Palestinian State whose capitol is Jerusalem.

In the meantime, since the Jews have been forced out of Gaza by Israeli forces, the newest Palestinian state has become a region of lawlessness and violence against women.

Since the Jewish state has erected a wall to secure itself against Terror attacks by suicide bombers, the Palestinian people have redirected their violent nature inward toward itself and its women.

Now that Palestinians are unable to provide their sons and daughters as mechanisms of death and destruction to the Jewish people, they have had to search for "Honor" elsewhere by brutally and violently killing their wives, daughters, and sisters in the form of "honor killings". No word from Jimmy Carter or even his Feminazi friends that sits on the same liberal left fringe as he does.

Does anybody even find Jimmy Carter a credible person when it comes to foreign policy. He proved in the 1970's that he could ruin a wet dream when it came to dealing decisively with Terrorists as he did with the Iranians when they took American hostages late in his failed Presidency.

I am anxiously waiting for Carter to volunteer to negotiate with the Iranians over their ambitions to arm themselves with Nuclear weapons and achieve their ultimate goal of wiping the Jewish State of Israel off of the map. His past failure of keeping Communist North Korea's lunatic Dictator Kim Jung from obtaining a nuclear weapon should prove his total worthlessness in his skills as an arms negotiator. Knowing his distaste for his home country of America being a world power, he probably had his fingers crossed behind his back the whole time.

When Carter was President in the 1970's, I was a young teenager that had an interest in politics. Even back then growing up with Democrat parents, I thought Jimmy Carter was the biggest schmuck that ever sat in the oval office. Almost 30 yrs later, he never fails to prove me right, even from the point of a teenager back in the day.

It just totally amazes me, that the mainstream media even gives guys like Jimmy Carter any space or air time. This guy heaps praises on Terrorist organizations and murderous dictators while in the same breath condemning President Bush who unlike Former President Carter is taking action to keep America and it's people safe from terrorism. History has proven that Jimmy Carter was a huge failure in being able to protect Americans and her allies.

Former President Carter, as the huge failure in foreign policy that you are, I really think you need to shut up and go back to building houses for the poor. That is what you do best, leave defending America to the current administration, they have proven their determination in doing so, unlike you and your kind who prefer to cower in defeat and cowtow to communist dictators and terrorists.

The Rogue Jew

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Lonewatchman said...

Members of the Klan have always had the right to vote, and probably do so at every chance, but I doubt anyone would say that has reduced their hate or changed their minds about violence. Carter must be a survivor of a late term abortion, they sucked out his brain, but he lived anyway.