Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I hope the Liberal Democrats do start a war over the President's nomination of Alito to the Supreme Court. It will force them to expose themselves as the racist, American Hating, Socialists,Baby Killing Douchebags that they really are.

They know it too, because now they are trying to delay the process for getting him confirmed to the bench. And of all people, Senator Hitlery Clinton whose husband appointed the most leftist, Socialist, Anti-American Judge to the bench, Ruth Ginsberg who happend to be a laywer for the A.C.L.U. Of course, if Alito were to come out as a person who supported the unlimited murder of infants through abortion, and being able to butt slam your best friend AND your own children for that matter, the Democrats would carry him into the chamber on their shoulders.

Back to Hillary, the Carpet bagging Senator from New York has the testicles(Probably Bill's) to speak out about Libby and calling the Republicans "Liars".
Where was her outrage when her hubby, then President Bill "BJ" Clinton was filling an interns mouth with his left curving salami and delivering a money shot to her blue dress while moistening his morning cigar between her thighs? Beside the claw marks on his face when Mistress Hitlery found out that Babs Striesand had stayed in the Lincoln bedroom while she was away, their never was anything vocal about Hillary and her husbands deceitful and adulterous shenanigans.

By the way, I'm still waiting to hear a condemnation from the "Party of the People" aka the Democrats over Irans threat to wipe Israel off the map. I guess that exposes them also as anti-semites as well as Commie Rats.

Funny thing, as liberal as Google is, if you do a search on "Scum Bag" or "Douche Bag" and click on images.......You get pictures of John Kerry and Michael Moore.

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Floyd's Lists said...

Not that Floyd disagrees with you, but all politicians are scum. Floyd would agree with you about Hillary, Michael Moore and John Kerry (see their listings on http://floydslists.blogspot.com/), but they certainly do not have the market cornered on being douchebags.