Monday, October 31, 2005


The following comes from the TSA Screeners in Buffalo, New York. By the looks of it, they are experiencing much of the same bullshit that my friends at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport go thru on a daily basis.

I heard that the Supervisor with the Bozo hairdo is back. G-d forbid that they get rid of her dumb ass. After having worked for her, (Lord knows she reminded us of it every freaking day) for 3 yrs, I can honestly say that I have never worked for such a phsycopath in my entire life. Too bad her entire career with the TSA is based on the fact she plays the race card. A private company would have fired her before her probation period was up.

Let's not forget the assaultive Sgt. Major Bilco. Thats another one, but the powers that be forgive him because he has anger management problems...That means he can assault as many screeners as he desires and get away with it. But don't , and I repeat, ....DON'T tell a ass kissing trailer park queen who knows nothing about manning a checkpoint to take her dumb ass back to Detroit. Now that is just plain wrong. Oh yeah, I forgot also if your the worlds oldest screener with a thick wallet, you can jepordize hundreds of peoples lives by allowing a HUGE knife to get into the boarding area and get away with it, and further reduce the manpower by assigning him a babysitter while on the x-ray. Life as we know it with the TSA.
Anyway, enjoy the article.

If I didn't hear it from my own ears I wouldn't have believed it.
Yesterday I was expecting the usual nonsense briefing from the
Supervisor, boy was I suprised when he said they are implementing the Town
crier, I assume to take over the non essential que position. With a
combined salary of over half a million dollars, this is the best
that the powers that be can come up with? This is what happens when
the so-called people in charge have no clue(as usual)Its a shame,the
suits probably forgot what the checkpoint even looks like anymore,
but i bet they can each draw up a blue print of the inside of the
niagara falls casino. Being just a lowely 29,000 dollar a year
screener, why not get some imput from us on how to to run a
checkpoint efficiently. hell you can even take the credit for it so
when your sending out your reports to washington DC you can recieve
your usual thousands of dollars in bonuses. its bad enough the
flying public thinks we are a group of incompetant storm troopers,
now we have to reenforce it with what has to be the dumbest idea
yet. I do need to check VF solutions to see if they started stocking
the official TSA big floppy shoes and red wigs, hell I even heard
barnum and bailey are throwing their hat in to compete with lockeed
martin for the security contract. the good thing is with barnum and
bailey at least we won't have to pay for our initial issue floppy
shoes and wig, i even hear they pay their clowns better. what kills
me is this has got to be the easiest job on the face of the earth,
well almost, the easiest is really sitting in a fortress away from
the airport pulling in a 5-6 figure income where the hardest
decision that has to be made is what 5 toppings they want on their
pizza. I think I may have a solution to the 10 minute wait time
these poor travelers have to endure. lets take out all the mags and
install electronic turnstiles, that way we make the airlines giddy
with delight (isn't that why we are there anyway) and the flying
public(lemmings)can traverse the country without ever having to take
off one shoe. Now you may think this will hurt the airline business,
but considering the same millions of people that do fly are the same
ones (me included) that wouldn't bat an eyelash at paying 4-5
dollars for a gallon of gas. I think its doable. Hell take a good
long look at our SOP, with the thousands of changes that have been
made, its geared towards customer service with the minimum of
security stuffed in there to take up the remaining space on the
page. I'm confident that the wizards of washington can come up with
more reasons to kiss the airlines ass. but then they would have to
print up more sop's. I'm wondering if by next year they will have 3
or more different ones we will have to study for recert.


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I couldn't agree more!!! The SOP thing is the best!!!