Thursday, November 03, 2005


The more I think about it, the madder I get and the more I realize that the Liberal Democrats really do not give a damn about this country or the people who reside within its borders. They only care about regaining power. That's it, nothing more, and surely nothing less!

Liberal Democrats have proven themselves to be cowards that are unable if not willing to make this country safe from Islamic Terrorists. They would rather use their jackbooted thugs to wage war against Americans such as the Davidians in Waco Texas or to kidnap a little boy from his loving family at gunpoint to return him to a Communist nation lead by a dictating thug. Liberals do not believe in fighting. Islamic Terrorists anyway.

In 1979, Failed Former President Jimmy Carter ran with his tail between his legs when radical Islamofacists overthrew the Shah of Iran and took OUR COUNTRYMEN and WOMEN hostage. It was only when the Islamofasicts knew that Ronald Reagan became President of the United States that they released them.

When Libyan Terrorists attacked known American areas of Europe, President Reagan sent the wrath of the Eagle raining down on their towel covered heads in the form of BOMBS from American planes, even going so far as to personally TARGET Libyan Dictator Kaddafy's home. After that little message, the Libyan dumbass was later seen licking his own nuts in fear and it was a LONG TIME afterwards that we heard from him again. Of course in the 21st century, Kadaffy decided to give up his aspirations of being a Terrorists when he saw the Might of the Eagle unleashed upon Afghanistan and Iraq.

When former President Bill "BJ" Clinton had his chance to deal with the problem of Islamofasict Terrorism, he was too busy getting his willy waxed by a young intern named Monica. He did NOTHING to deal with Isamic Terrorism. Of course he did manage to burn and kill a bunch of women and children in Waco Texas. People who were NO threat to anyone. Yes they had guns. Not illegal ones as him and Janet Reno had hoped. SO WHAT...It is legal for citizens of the United States to own and possess guns, much to the dismay of who I ask??????? Oh Yeah, The Liberal Democrats who have done MORE to deteriorate the constitutional rights of Americans then anyone else.

If the Left succeeds in their attempts to get the U.S. to withdraw you would see a wave of global terrorism that would put 9/11 in the scope of a failed suicide bombing. If anyone here thinks that defeating the Soviet Union in Afghanistan emboldened the terrorists imagine them being able to take over an oil rich nation such as Iraq, in the heart of the Middle East and having the ability to run on the platform of defeating the sole super power of the world. Iran as well as other government who openly support terrorism would cut off oil supplied, disrupt the world economy and provide them with WMD's. There is no doubt in my mind of this or the Iraqis in the streets of Baghdad today.

The best way for the U.S. to conduct this liberation is mainly staying the course, as George W. Bush has said. You have to take this fight to the terrorists and continue training the Iraqis – who are truly the only ones that will really defeat the terrorists because they live in their neighbourhoods and can turn more public opinion against them. The best way to defeat their ideology of hate is fighting them on two fronts. One is the military front and two is in terms of destroying the environment which breeds the military front. We must show the Iraqis that there is another way instead of terrorism by providing them with more jobs and doing more to rebuild their infrastructure. We are doing a lot but the cost disparity could be closed to truly win the hearts and minds.

And the above two paragraphs comes from a former Saddam henchman, Ali Ibrahim Al-Tikriti, a southern regional commander for Saddam's Fedayheen in the mid-to-late 1980's. Due to his ruthlessness in heading the brutal campaign to terrorize the population, he was known as the “Butcher of Basra.”

So if Cindy Sheehan and other anti American, anti-Semites get their way, we could probably expect suicide bombings and beheadings right here on our front doorsteps. Clinton and Gore didn't get the job done, And we all remember the dismal failure that Jimmy Carter was in keeping America safe.....THEY ALL SUCKED AT IT!

I don't always agree with the direction the President is going in, but I do agree in the methods to which we deliver mayhem to the Islamic Butchers of the Middle East. We just need to turn it up about 20 notches.

Political correctness needs to go out the window. We know who are enemy is. He is Middle Eastern and he is Islamic.....WE NEED TO KILL HIM! Period. Bomb his ass back into the cave that him and his sodomized camel came out of in 1979 when Jimmy Carter ran like a dog with his tail between his legs.

I believe in an old saying....."KILL EM ALL, LET G-D SORT EM OUT!"

The Rogue Jew

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