Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Am I going to be the first person to say it? Iraq War protest mom, Cindy Sheehan is nothing more then an attention whore who is exploiting the memory of her heroic son who died in Iraq helping his friends, friends who are soldiers.

Like all of the anti-war Hollyweirdo elite, she has grown to adore the spotlight and all of the attention her stupidity have gotten her. Why is the media even paying attention to this woman?

But now, her big fat mouth might have landed her on top of the Clinton body count list. This nobody, has gone to New York City to confront the Chief Dominatrix of the Liberal Left....Sen Hitlery Clinton!

Cindy Sheehan stood in front of a crowd of people and stated that if Sen Clinton does not denounce the war in Iraq, she will lose her job.

Now as you all know, I am no fan of the Clintons, but I believe that Mrs. Sheehan just might have put her "Shotgun Mouth in front of her BB GUN ass this time!

Does she not realize that there is a stack of bodies a mile high of people who dared challenge the Clinton's power? Ron Brown and Vince Foster for example!

What dumb ass that fed this woman the bullshit to make her think that she is more powerful then Madame Hitlery Clinton?

Somebody better give this idiot a kick in the ass soon and bring her back to reality before the Clinton's make her into another statistic on their shit list.

In the meantime, my opinion remains the same. She is no different then the Leftist in Hollywood who use death and disaster to revive or breathe life into their crumbling careers. No different then a whore who drops to her knees for a rock of cocaine to smoke. Cindy Sheehan would drop to her knees in front of that fat pig Micheal Moore if she thought it would get her more of the spotlight.

She must not have been that good of a mother to now use the memory of her dead son to garner attention for herself.

Shame on You, Cindy Sheehan!...........................The Rogue Jew

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Lonewatchman said...

Last week a woman called Drudge's radio show, she sounded exactly like Sheehan. Drudge even played her call and Sheehan bits back to back. I'm convinced it was her. She was pretty weak, she wanted to piss and moan but she just didn't have the backbone or the latest DNC talking points.
Sheehan is using her hate of Bush to conceal the truth of her feelings, which is she hates her son, because as a liberal she has always hated the military. In order to get past her guilt of hating her son in his death she now has to throw blame everwhere else. The bottom line is she shit on her son in life, and she shit on him in death, now she feels bad, so now everyone else has to be wrong.