Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I was watching ABC News this morning before going to work and they were doing a report on China and the economy.

Being that I am a independent thinking American, a person who is not influenced by the Liberals and their socialist agenda, I believe what I saw in that report on ABC's Good Morning America was a soft sell advirtisement for Communism.

I forget the reporters name but he stated and I quote, "The Chinese people regard their government much like Americans regard the DMV. They just want a better television and to be able to send their kids to college." WHAT THE F*&K is that Crap? The reporter of course left out the thousands and millions of Chinese people who are jailed every year for crimes made up by their oppressive government! How the schmucks at YAHOO assisted Chinese authorities in jailing a journalist who spoke out AGAINST the communist regime!

Liberals are the same way. Ted "Hic" Kennedy, John F'n Kerry, Chucky Schumer....All the same. Freedom of speech is ok as long as you agree with them and their agenda. But that's where freedom of speech ends in their version of the Constitution.

Beware America! The Left is trying to influence your thinking about Communism and make it look like nothing more then an inconvenience like going to the DMV. It is nothing more then a soft sell on Marxism. Next their going to tell you that it's alright for grown men to have sex with young boys. And when It happens, you can say you heard it from the ROGUE JEW FIRST!

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