Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I am in no way excusing the victim mentality taken on by so many of the so called "victims" of Katrina brought on by the Welfare Nanny State created by the Liberals to make minority Americans dependent upon the government for their every want and whim but I do have something to add about the governments response to this national disaster.

If the same shmucks that are running FEMA are anything like the Gonad Hoppers that are in charge of the Transportation Security Administration, then it is no freakin wonder that it has turned into such a goat f--k.

Let's examine this closely....FEMA and the TSA fall under the protective curtain of what organiziation....Hmmmm lets see........OH YEAH! The Department of Homeland InSecurity. So they are in a sense the same idiots.

I know after working for the Transportation InSecurity Administration at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My biggest fear that there would actually be an emergency someday, and I would have to rely on the KEYSTONE KOPS of leadership to come and "SAVE THE DAY". As if! Those bumble F--ks could'nt save themselves from crap let alone a REAL EMERGENCY.

Anymore I just shake my head and laugh. Remember readers. These are the same idiots that are in charge of keeping the friendly skies friendly. G-d Help Us All!

The FSD and the AFSD would have to pull their heads out of each others asses before they could react to any emergency.

The two morons that fill the position of "SCREENER MANAGER" would have to call a meeting of the Stupidvisors first and then after tableing the discussion for about two or three months would then turn too the Stupidvisors and say, "I'm not sure, what do you think we should do?" and then the Stupidvisors would not inform the Screeners of anything that was going on for fear that one of the Screeners might take Initiative and actually do something thus making everyone from the Stupidvisors to the Federal Security Director look like the bumbling IDIOTS that they truly are!

Well, thats my TSA rant for the month of September. Unless the TSA does something STUPID AGAIN! Like that would never happen?!?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

At least in GRR you omly have two incompetent screening managers. Here in Phoenix, we have 25 bumbling idiots. We have at least 4 AFSDs and so on. The only thing we are short on is screeners. That is why we coninue to promote more to the rank of stupidvisor. How does that help:(! Yup, we are run by the same morons that run FEMA. What were Mike Brown's qualifications that led to him being FEMA director? It is my understanding that he ran some Arabian horse show organization. Fill in the blanks...he rubbed shoulders with some powerful people with a lot of political influence, who else would be in the social circles of an Arabian horse show organization? He was simply hooked up with that position because of who he knows. Does that sound familiar to those of you in TSA managment? My point is this; If your not qualified for the position that you now hold, get the fuck out before you get somebody hurt or killed!!! From one very disgrunteled and disgusted Phoenix TSA employee.

Lonewatchman said...

Well I guess if someone without a single CJ/military/law enforcement credit in her entire career since dropping out of high school can be in charge of an airport security checkpoint, then a horse whisperer should be well qualified to be in charge of millions of lives.

Guambat Stew said...

There's a real cancer there and it is spreading: