Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Wow. I've been waiting for you to get off the TSA rant and post something worth responding to. You certainly made an impact on this one. I agree with most of your rant, and would like to add a little of my own (first time poster, long time reader).

I believe that evildoers must be killed not negotiated with or treated like they are american criminals entitled to our taxpayer funded legal system, I believe that tort reform will reduce the strain on our healthcare system, that canada's socialist healthcare system isn't "care" at all, but an application process to see a less than prepared m.d. I believe the problem with our education system won't be solved by more federal funding or school vouchers, but accountability by the democrat controlled municipal governments that have overseen the decline of the school system in every major city is the problem.

I believe that redistribution of wealth, as advocated by Hillary is a faux promise, because while it may spread things evenly for a nanosecond, that method has no way to generate wealth after the redistribution.

I believe that if you weren't born here and you want to work here, then get a visa or get the hell out until you apply appropriately, so the 4.5 million pending immigrants don't get screwed by you illegal behavior. I believe that if homosexuals were supposed to marry we wouldn't have gotten past isaac and ishmael. I believe being a vegetarian is an outdated fad replaced by homosexuality, which has been promoted through reality tv and hollywood, especially in every cast of the Real World. I believe that Bravo is the worst advocate of gays.

I believe that my gun kills people the way Rosie o'Donnell's spoon made her fat. I believe in small government, the 2nd amendment, the death penalty and low taxes. I believe that if liberals are so nervous about a vast right wing conspiracy and that you can't trust the government, then it makes perfect sense for you to get a personal savings account option in lieu of total government control of your social security account growth. I believe that when someone dies, their heirs have a right to bereave them and then inherit everything without paying the goverment a tax because uncle herbie just croked.

I believe that Islam is an evil, violent religion that completely conflicts with any sense of civilization and has done so for the past 600 years. I believe that if I turned my back on a Palestinian Arab, he would immediately try to kill me. I believe it is a waste of time for civilized westerners to try to rationalize the irrational -- Palestinian Arabs who would strap on a belt of explosives at the drop of a turban.

I believe that considering the constitution as a living document is the same as voiding the whole covenant between the people and government, because my interpretation will differ from yours, and yours will differ from Scalia's whose will differ from Ginsberg's whose will differ from Lieberman's who will differ from Steinbrenners' whose will differ from McCain's, whose will differ from Tiger Woods' whose will differ from Judge Hatchet and so the constitution would thus be a moot point.

I believe the very foundation of western civilization is based on the 10 Commandments. I believe that the separation of church and state, while an admirable goal, has been hijacked by the ACLU so that politics is completely void of religion, which is not the purpose of Jefferon's statement. I believe that it is perfectly acceptable to have a Christmas tree in the town square and any Jew who opposes that is just having a knee jerk reaction, because if it were really a big deal we'd be asking for some type of Rosh Hashanah symbol to be there in September instead. I believe Hanukah is a great story and very uplifting, but pales in comparison to both other Jewish holidays and Christmas. I believe people who go Christmas caroling are freaks, but at least they're not studying the Koran.

I believe the US military is the most honorable organization in the world and we owe anyone who wears a uniform a debt of gratitude, except for that muslim guy who tossed a hand grenade amonsgt his own troops. I believe John Walker Lindh should have been tried for treason, which is punishable by death.

I believe Ronald Reagan was the greatest president who ever lived and i believe that any politician who advocated a nuclear freeze should be impeached immediately.

I believe there is no such thing as "fine indian cuisine" and any advertisments as such should result in a fine. I believe that , having been born here, I am a Native American, but those people the pc left calls "native americans" who are really american indians have suffered more than any minority group in the history of this country. Otherwise, someone please start calling me a "German/Russian/Ukrainian/Polish American".

I believe that slave reparations make less sense than the Palestinian right of return, and i believe that Palestinian Arabs make no sense at all. I believe that the Palestinians have no goal to live in peace, unless it fits their definitiion of a judenrein territory from the Jordan to the Meditteranean as already denoted in PA textbooks since Oslo.

I believe that this truly is the land of opportunity and if you took the average income of american blacks, otherwise known as "african americans" they would be in the top 5 of world gdp's. i believe affirmative action programs are racist, paternalistic and demean the very groups of people the programs claim to assist. I believe that Sharpton, Jackson and McKinney are racist demagogues (kind of like Sen. Byrd) and an affront to the Black community because they continually play the victim card and create a perception that blacks are destined to fail. I believe that Mayor Nagin royally fucked up and should shut his mouth and stop pointing the finger at the federal government because he failed to follow his own city's emergency protocol. I also believe that it's no surprise that the lawlessness that gripped New Orleans that did not occur in Biloxi or Gulfport is a direct result of two things: the order immediately brought in to Mississippi and the system of apology and acceptedness of society to allow blacks to committ crimes, just because they are black.

I believe that the rest of world's opinion doesn't mean shit and I don't need to be lectured by European elites who have neither the time, nor the inclination to defend themselves, because they are too busy sucking away money through a U.N. embezzling scheme, while the unemployment rate of France sits at 10.2% and their workers only actually work 30 hours a week and then bitch and moan about american superiority.

I believe Ariel Sharon might be wrong on the gaza disengagement despite the waste of resources to keep settlements there. I believe that without agreements from Palestinians it will be Oslo ten times worse. I believe the Palestinians will ultimately have a civil war, and I will be cheering heartily from the sidelines for them to kill each other as much as possible. I believe we don't have to answer to the U.N. or any other international conglomerate of autocratic dictatorships whose ngo's function only because of US funding and then use said groups to bite the very hand that feeds them.

I believe we live in the greatest country in the history of the world in the smartest governmental system that will ever exist and is the only one that takes into account the logical parameters of human error. I believe that we should act first, ask questions later and never apologize for being right.

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