Thursday, September 08, 2005


Rogue Jew,
At least in GRR you omly have two incompetent screening managers. Here in Phoenix, we have 25 bumbling idiots. We have at least 4 AFSDs and so on. The only thing we are short on is screeners. That is why we coninue to promote more to the rank of stupidvisor. How does that help:(! Yup, we are run by the same morons that run FEMA. What were Mike Brown's qualifications that led to him being FEMA director? It is my understanding that he ran some Arabian horse show organization. Fill in the blanks...he rubbed shoulders with some powerful people with a lot of political influence, who else would be in the social circles of an Arabian horse show organization? He was simply hooked up with that position because of who he knows. Does that sound familiar to those of you in TSA managment? My point is this; If your not qualified for the position that you now hold, get the fuck out before you get somebody hurt or killed!!! From one very disgrunteled and disgusted Phoenix TSA employee.

Hey Zev...great commentary on TSA f*ckups. I know from experience. I was a baggage screener until January this year...then I got the pink slip. Why did I get the heave-ho? Back in 2003 I hurt my back working like a slave at LAX. A few months of comp and then...nothing. No retraining, no reassignment, no accomodation for a disabilitating back injury. Just a foot in the butt as they fired me. What a freaking mess. Hell...even for a year before I got fired, I made no money. They refuse to let me work light I sat at home... no income. Try living in LA with no income. I begged for retraining or something I could do...sorry charlie. I was permanent when I was fired...but I guess that wasn't good enough. They rolled back my permanent time and then bunped up my actual hire date (Nov 2002) to the end of Dec 2002. Then forced me back as probationary and Bam! No appeal or greivance rights. Nice huh? So far AFGE has been useless...even though I am a member. Nothing like getting reamed for something that wasn't your fault. Keep up the good work

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