Friday, August 12, 2005


The email has been rolling in as usual. I've been saving a few of the letters to post. Here's a couple of them....


Man you are dead on with all of this stuff. You're lucky that you got out, even with the way it all went down. Max was hunting you down like he would have hunted a Prostitute when he was with the sheriff's dept.
It's just getting worse now. They have all of their snitches out and about with their ears sticking strait up trying to find out who is writing stuff to you and who your contacts are. They have literaly killed the First Amendment of the Constitution here at the Gerald R. Ford. Max is beside himself because he knows he can do absolutely nothing to shut you down or shut you up.
Keep it up. You have done more for morale here then anything that Mumma or Harnish would ever do besides tell us more lies to try and appease us.


Rogue Jew,

I was once a supervisor at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport for the TSA. You could not be more right about this stuff. I left because of the incompetent twits that they hired as Screening Managers. Max was as worthless as tits on a boar hog when he was the training coordinator. It surprises me little that he is even more worthless and ineffective as the AFSD.
John and Max are doing little more then protecting their own paychecks and asses. I doubt they will do anything to improve the working conditions for the Screening Force. It matters little to them the turnover rate at the airport. As long as the wait times are short, they look good and that is all that matters to them. As for the wait times, well the screeners actually control that function, and the more they bust their asses to make the idiots at the top look good, then probably nothing will be done to send their asses packing. You and some others were aware of that and the two moronic idiots in charge were quick to shut you and your cohorts down when they got wind of it. Snitches were your down fall. (Snitches deserve stitches)
Keep up the good work though. Whatever you can do to irritate the ones in charge the better. I have made some friends of mine in the media and in Washington aware of your website to raise the awareness of the terrible working conditions that exist for TSA Screeners at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport and everywhere else.

A Supervisor Who Cared!

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