Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Job worries and other things too...

I work for the government and I really don't want to get into which branch and stuff, so I'll just say that most of the people working with me don't like their job. I know for a fact that myself and several others are actively seeking other jobs so we can get out of the one we're in.

There are management problems, supervisorial problems and problems with some of the leads too. I believe there are only 3 sups I like and maybe 2 leads. I don't like any of the management. There are a few employees that I would rather not work with, one because he is so old that he's putting his fellow employees, not to mention his fellow Americans in harms way because he dazes off every now and then and in our job that is NOT an option! My employers use this man as "poster child" for the organization and I'm not upset with the man, by all means, I love him to pieces, as a matter of fact, I say YOU GO V!!!, but it's still not right to use him just because it gets my place of employment national attention because they have the oldest working employee in that service. I used to respect this employee, and I still do to an extent, but myself and other employees who have to cover for him and work with him are starting to get very frustrated with him. Outside of work I couldn't ask for a better friend, but I'm sorry...working with this man is driving me and many others absolutely crazy!

To my employers...Please, let him go with dignity, not disrespect. If anyone deserves a slower paced job such as at the information booth in a museum, or even a job in Admin. at our own place of employment; it's V. Give the guy a break and stop using him for your own selfish means; let the guy go out with respect and dignity still intact. He deserves it and, really, you don't deserve him.

Another person I don't really like working with is one who never shuts up. This person has done more, seen more, been more places, worked more places, and has relatives who have done all of the above too, and she's only 23 yrs old! What is going on here? I am trying to be civil to her, trying to talk to her too, but you just can't talk to her! She has to be the center of attention and no matter what, I mean NO MATTER WHAT you're talking about, she butts in and has a better story about the topic you were speaking of, even when you weren't speaking to her at all. I'm a newly saved Christian and I am trying so very hard to let this go and to be a good listener and to be nice to this woman, but it's nearly impossible! She will lie so blatantly and everyone will look at each other like saying...WHAT???, THERE'S NO POSSIBLE WAY!!!!.....and either she doesn't notice, or she doesn't care. I believe it's the latter.

She doesn't care what she says, who she says it to, or what she sounds like, just so the attention is on her at all times. Her present condition, which I won't mention on here, is also getting on everyone's nerves, I just have one thing to say to this woman and I'll end this diatribe...Keep your hands out of your shirt while you're on the job! Some things are better done in private, not while you're at work and in front of customers and employees who really don't want to see your stomach, also, I believe that you could be a really nice person if you'd just let others talk amongst themselves without putting your two cents in; give it a try huh? Thank you. I'm done now. I have more things to worry about.

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Someone got saved at TSA, I thought you couldn't be saved after you went to hell :)