Saturday, August 13, 2005


I recently had a chance to speak to Triumph the Insult Comic Dog recently about his recent visit to Grand Rapids, Michigan and his experience with the Transportation Security Administration, particularly his run in with the Management at this particular airport.

He informed me that Grand Rapids, Michigan is a beautiful place to poop in, especially the offices of John and Max , the two "HEADS" of the TSA at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. While pooping under Max's desk he said that he ran into a fat redhead with a trailer park hairdo that was stationed under his desk during the interviews for Screener Stupidvisor. Triumph has pitty for the human male that can't lick themselves and has to hire the job out to "Wannabees".

He said that humping Lori's leg was like dry humping a anorexic 2x4, and that Bob's leg was only good for pissing on. Triumph also stated that this could also explain Bob's wet look hair style.


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