Saturday, August 27, 2005


Is America losing the war at home? Have American citizens become accomplices to the Taliban and the bloodthirsty Islamic Terrorists?

I ask myself those questions every time I turn on CNN or any other of the mainstream media sources. The likes of lady killer Ted "hic" Kennedy, self confessed war criminal John Kerry, and the lady whose husband was asleep at the wheel with his pants down while "POSING" as the chief executive of our country Hillary Clinton are all over the news calling for investigations into how Islamic terrorist are being treated in Iraq, Afghanistan and GITMO.

WE were the ones attacked on 9/11! These vermin as far as I'm concerned have NO rights at all! Alright, I'll give in to giving them one right and only one...A quick, humane death by bullet to the brain! Screw em! Kill them all before they kill us!

Ted Kennedy and his liberal partners in crime are literally trying to open the door for Islamic Terrorist to come into this country and destroy everything and everyone.

Mom in the news, Cindy Sheehan is disgracing the memory of her son every single time she opens her mouth. She is calling terrorists "Freedom Fighters" and being very vocal about her Nazi-istic views for Jews to leave "Palestine".

More and more I am seeing un-American American's shooting off at the mouth defending criminals and terrorist. I think that Pat Robertson recently had a wonderful idea when he said that the Dictator of Venezuela, Chavez should be assisinated. This nut case is trying to turn his country into a launching pad for Islamic Terrorists much like former President Clinton did for Kosovo when he bombed Minority Christian targets.

Communist groups such as the NAACP and the ACLU with their leftist agendas are further weakening our country with their call for peace and defense of the "RIGHTS" of terrorists who killing OUR solidiers overseas and the ones who want to kill us here on our own soil.

President Bush needs to take a true stand here on the homefront. He needs to stand up and tell the world that we are NOT sorry for what we had to do in Iraq, and tell schmucks like Chirac and Schroeder that if they are not with us then to sit down and shut the F@#K up. He needs to take a STRONG stance in front of the world and quit apologizing to everyone every time we have to use a little force to get information that could possibly save thousands if not millions of lives.

The last administration was constantly asleep at the wheel and when they did use military force, it was usually to distract the media and the Sheeple from the fact that he was an idiot. That is not what we need now, nor in 2008 when that idiots wife, Sen. Hitlary Clinton decides to run for president.

G-d Bless our Troops, Police and Firemen.

The Rogue Jew


Cappy said...

I'm with you 100%, from anothe Midwestern Jewish Republican.

Lonewatchman said...

Additionally we need to give the constitutional treason law a chance and start prosecuting people whom provide "aid and comfort" to the enemy.