Friday, August 26, 2005


In much of the same fasion as failed former President Jimmy Carter turned his back on and sold out his own country to Islamic terrorists and the Communists, he has once again proven himself to be a worthless backstabbing SOB to his home state of Georgia.

Former President Jimmy Carter is being blamed for the recent decision to keep open Submarine Base New London in Groton, Conn. - depriving Naval Submarine Base King's Bay in Brunswick of jobs and equipment - but lobbying from powerful congressional leaders such as Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) and House Armed Services Committee Chairman Duncan Hunter (R- Calif.) also influenced the decision, according to congressional sources.

Under the Pentagon plan, King's Bay was earmarked to get much of the Groton base's personnel and equipment and its submarine school. The plan would have brought 3,188 military personnel, six submarines and the sub school to King's Bay by the year 2011.

"Jimmy Carter, a former Navy man, in opposition against his own state of Georgia," Bilbray said.

"What was he thinking?" Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue said yesterday.

"It was a shock that he would write that letter," she said. "You could fit four Groton bases on the Kings Bay base. It’s cheaper to live here."

Added U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston, a Republican whose southeast Georgia district includes Kings Bay: "You just hate to have an ex-president, a Navy guy and a Georgian going against the home team."

"I think that's very important."In the letter to the commission shortly before the vote, Carter wrote: "I don't profess to speak for other active and retired submariners, but I believe that, overwhelmingly, the consensus would be that transferring the submarine forces from New London would be militarily deleterious."

Political experts said the statement speaks loudly about the way Carter has dealt with political issues throughout his career: He weighs the evidence and acts, no matter what the political cost.

So once again, Jimmy Carter who was a failure as our Commander in Chief proves himself to be a hostile turncoat toward his home state. Why am I not surprised? He sold out his own country and our ally Iran, now he has sold out his own people. Tisk Tisk!

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