Wednesday, July 20, 2005


November 25, 2002, with the signature of George W. Bush creating the Department of Homeland Security, a milestone in the History of our great country was marked by the death of the Twin Pillars of our society, Freedom and Liberty.

The fight to keep alive these two foundations of our Nation has been a long and arduous one. The mercilous attacks on them have come from politicians on both sides of the aisle in their ever continuing grab for more and more power. Regardless of popular support for the twins, the political class has long sought to bring about their demise. In a "Bi-Partisan" effort both houses of Congress have voted to destroy the most important rights of the People, only a very few of the Congress opposed the death of these important twins.

Those of us who have known these twins for a long time will be very much saddened by their death, and those who have only known them briefly will soon learn how important they were to the Welfare and Security of our Great Country. With the death of Liberty and Freedom it will only be a short time until the Populace of this country will be living under a Dictatorship, controlled by an "Elite" class of politicians who will dictate every facet of our lives.

Requiem In Pacet!

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Anonymous said...

The first amendment, is first in the bill of rights for a reason, because it is necessary to allow the “little people” to bring problems to those currently in power. Now, how the people currently in power address these problems is another matter. A smart leader would address the problems, and correct them. An leader afraid of his own inadequacies just tries to kill the messenger and pretend there is no problem.

Anyway the first amendment gives us the freedom of speech, and that speech doesn’t have to be popular, otherwise why have the 1st? I will now exercise my freedom of speech. Keep in mind even speech that appears irrational is still protected. So here is a series of words and phrases that come to my mind without a particular order or subject.

public record
news media
brown bottle
car keys
3 strikes
public embarrassment
law enforcement
bad appointment
explaining to the boss
explaining to the camera
push comes to shove

So as Rodney King said so long ago, “Can’t we all just get a long?”. If people don’t like what they hear they can change the channel, turn off the radio, get proactive, get productive, make corrections, or they can get angry at each other and then everything goes to hell. Peace not poison.