Wednesday, July 20, 2005

NEW UNIFORM ADDITIONS-Gags and Restraints.

It is to my understanding, that the TSA is adding a new item to their uniform as soon as possible. A gag is to be issued to all Screeners starting yesterday so as to not speak out about wrong doings by their Slave Handlers.
It is to my knowledge that the death of freedom and liberty is the cause of this reactionary process. Obiturary of freedom to follow.

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Lonewatchman said...

The Washington Post is reporting that Senator Byrd actually slipped a requirement into an appropriations bill last year for Constitution training. Among other things it requires executive branch employees, (that means TSA), to recieve training and educational materials about the Constitution on Constitution day. Think about the irony, a former klansman making education about the Constitution mandatory, and then the TSA actually having to train people about the rights they squash daily.