Sunday, July 10, 2005


I was reading an article on recently and I came across something in particular in the article that caught my eye. The writer made the following statement; "If you privatize, you will move more toward the direction of crappy screeners," Schneier said. "A private company will want to wring efficiencies out of the system, and inherently security is not an efficient system."

Now as anyone who has had ANY contact with the TSA would know this; "Since when is it an efficient system to begin with!!!" Holy Crap, I can tell you from first hand experience, it is nowhere near anything resembling efficient.

One nite alone, their were 8 screeners on the checkpoint, busting their humps as usual, while 4 supervisors and 3 leads stood there watching over the Screeners, doing absofreakinlutely not a damn thing! How in the hell could that even remotely resemble "EFFICIENT". Let us examine the definition of the word efficiency.

a.The quality or property of being efficient.
b.The degree to which this quality is exercised: The program was implemented with great efficiency and speed.

c.The ratio of the effective or useful output to the total input in any system.
d.The ratio of the energy delivered by a machine to the energy supplied for its operation.
e.Gets the job done with little waste of time and energy
f.'Doing more with less', creating the maximum result with the minimum use or wastage of energies and resources in a specific activity or context.

In the eyes of the TSA administration, "Doing more with less" only applies to the ones that are actually doing something besides standing at the podium with a Starbucks cup in his hand and glaring at his watch because it was "15 minutes since his last half hour smoke break and by G-d it's time for another one" supervisor who makes almost double the pay that the screeners make.

Or maybe the supervisor is just way too busy watching the Steelers football game in the airport bar AFTER his hour and a half lunch break because he is checking his number sheet from the football pool with the airport policemen, which by the way is gambling no matter how you white wash it.

Is it efficent to spend most of your 8 hour shift in the supervisors office doing your college homework at the expense of the taxpayers, while rarely showing your face on the checkpoint during the peak periods when your help is needed the most while passengers wait impatiently in a long line to get through airport security?

Is it efficient to take an hour and a half lunch break while only marking half an hour on your time sheet and THEN stepping off of the checkpoint after you return from your extended lunch to then take a half hour cigarette break?

Oh, yeah and let us not forget the vain schmucks who take an hour and a half lunch so that they can go to the gym and work out in between sessions of surfing on the internet, and the overpaid training coordinator who does What? Hell, none of us have a clue as to what this yutz does besides make one training video that was loaded with faulty information to begin with.

I really want to know. How is this considered efficiency in how my hard earned tax dollars are spent? The only people who are actually doing what is expected of them, the Screeners, are yet the ones that get most of the negative media attention. Maybe if they had leadership that led by example instead of a "Do as I say, not as I do" mentality, it would be more efficient. But yet I ask for the "Impossible Dream" because inefficiency and incompetence is what you get for a investment return when you recruit inexperienced and incompetent individuals who view leadership as a power trip and a way to inflict unusual burden upon others because one has little or no self respect and an overinflated ego.

As long as the government is in charge of this task of keeping our friendly skies friendly, EFFICENCY will not ever be a term used by this writer.
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Anonymous said...

Here is something for you, that training coordinator you mention didn't know the SOP well enough to catch LM graders penalizing screeners even when they did stay within the limits of the SOP.

Anonymous said...

Another screener who probably made many mistakes was told by LM that they "didn't know if he passed or not" because the computer was down, when just minutes before, another screener was told that he had passed. We found later that the screener of many mistakes DID pass. Hmmmmm something fishy going on here.

Lonewatchman said...

LM and Covenant Security told the public several weeks ago they had joined up to provide private security screening. Anyone with a days worth of business experiance knows that means the negotiation for the partnership was going on for a long time before they told everyone. It's just piss poor leadership by national that they haven't jumped into LM's hind quarters and invalidated all the re-certs. The conflict of interest is appalling. How can the company looking to replace us, be the company that decides how well we perform? It's like letting Buger King do health inspections at Wendy's.