Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I am sure that this is of no surprise to anyone who is a Screener at one of the over 400 airports around the country.
Having been in the trenches with these great people, I can honestly tell you that it is not the fault of the Screeners. In my opinion, the blame lies with TSA administration and its managment and so called "Training Coordinators".

Gap found in training for airport screeners

By Shaun Waterman

Airline passenger and baggage screeners are not acquiring the on-the-job training they need to spot firearms, knives and explosives, and federal authorities have no way of determining how many have completed the required courses, congressional investigators say.
Inadequate training has been identified as a key issue in a succession of reports that have criticized airport screening. Researchers have found screening procedures no more effective than they were before September 11, 2001, even after the federal government spent $10 billion and hired an army of 45,000 staffers to check passengers and their bags for guns, knives and bombs.

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