Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Screener Information Alert.

We all know that going to the ombudsman and other sources have been useless to us when complaining about inept TSA management. Here is a tip I got from a email source recently. He said it worked in Orlando.

Going through your representative: will put you on the fast track for the ombudsman. This office now has to respond to a Senator or Congressman instead of an employee. It also helps to have many people on your side by bakcing up what you are saying and documentation is crucial. Also ask yourself, "Is what I am bringing forward worthy of a Senator's time?"

And yet, another tip...

I don't have a lot of confidence in either IA or Ombudsman but if enough people go to either one of them, you've got a chance that something MAY be looked into. All the FSD's that "left for personal reasons" were given ultimatums. A good number of those situations came about because folks had the nerve to make noise and bring problems to someone's attention. Goodness knows that sitting back and letting the crap happen over and over isn't going to make a difference. And if yours is the typical airport, your managers and AFSD certainly aren't going to take a stand for you. I know for a fact that Ombudsman's office keeps statistics on how many calls they get complaining about each airport and when the number gets high enough, they have to look into it. Go out on a limb, talk to someone. If nothing happens, at least you'll know you tried and even if yours isn't the straw that breaks the corrupt TSA official's back, it could be part of his/her undoing!

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