Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Poll: For 50th Consecutive Week Majority of Americans Support Repealing ObamaCare

Support for ObamaCare is spiraling down the toilet!!!

From The Weekly Standard:

For 50 consecutive weeks, Rasmussen’s poll of likely voters has been asking Americans whether (and how strongly) they support or oppose the repeal of Obamacare. Fifty times in fifty weeks, the majority of Americans have said that they support repeal. In 49 of those 50 weeks, Americans have supported repeal by double-digits margins.

It’s no small feat to find something that a majority of Americans can agree upon for fifty weeks in a row — and almost always by double-digit margins. The average tally across those fifty weeks has been 56 percent in favor of repeal and 38 percent opposed. Across the five most recent weeks, the average has been exactly the same: 56 percent in favor of repeal, 38 percent opposed.

When is Chicago Jesus going to get the hint?  Mainstream Americans don’t agree with this piece of shit legislation and want it repealed NOW!

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