Thursday, March 03, 2011

Obama Is Enabling Islamic Jihad Against The West

Total incompetence and a miserable lack of leadership is making America a target in the crosshairs of Islamic Terrorism and Chicago Jesus, the Liberal Messiah sent to save us all from Capitalism is doing not a fucking thing to save us…

From The Washington Times:

iran-loves-obamaAl Qaeda and Iran are cheering on the ongoing turmoil in the Middle East, so why does the Obama administration think the Islamic extremists are losing?

On Tuesday at a Pentagon press briefing, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates claimed, “The protests elsewhere that are leading to reforms for a number of governments are an extraordinary setback for al Qaeda.” He reasons that the transitions of power contradict “al Qaeda’s claim that the only way to get rid of authoritarian governments is through extremist violence.” Supposedly, the Islamic regime in Iran is facing a setback because the professional conduct of the armies in Tunisia and Egypt “contrast vividly with the savage repression that the Iranians have taken against anyone who dares to demonstrate in their country.”

It’s strange the Defense Department would think a destabilized Middle East is not in the interest of two of the primary actors who have been attempting for years to create just this kind of instability. Al Qaeda’s Islamist message has focused on violence because the regimes they’ve been seeking to overthrow - most importantly the Saudi monarchy - have been too strong to undermine in any other way. That these regimes are suddenly facing varying degrees of public protest does not work against al Qaeda’s radical “hope and change” agenda, but rather brings it that much closer to being realized.

The Obama Regime and the Liberal Government Controlled Media hope that Mainstream Americans are more concerned with Charlie Sheen, American Idol, and Justin Bieber then be concerned with the fact that America as we know it is collapsing around us.

Like Jimmy Carter before him, Obama is dangerously naive in foreign affairs. Iran became more emboldened when he failed to say or do anything when their people were protesting their own govenrment and Obama stood by mute while the Mullahs and Ahamadinejad slaughtered those protesting.  The world views Chicago Jesus as weak and incompetent and our enemies are taking full advantage of his weakness.


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