Thursday, March 03, 2011

Gallup: Unemployment Rate Hits 10.3% in February, Underemployment Surges to 19.9%

Don’t worry, Chicago Jesus will just print more money and borrow more from the Chinese, right?

From Gallup:

Unemployment, as measured by Gallup without seasonal adjustment, hit 10.3% in February — up from 9.8% at the end of January. The U.S. unemployment rate is now essentially the same as the 10.4% at the end of February 2010.

Underemployment, a measure that combines part-time workers wanting full-time work with those who are unemployed, surged in February to 19.9%. This resulted from the combination of a sharp 0.5-point increase since the end of January in the percentage unemployed and a 0.5-point increase in the percentage working part time but wanting full-time work. Underemployment is now higher than it was at this point a year ago (19.7%).


Gallup 1

gallup 2

This is the “Hope & Change” you all voted for in 2008!!!  Now, almost three years later, we’re all simply HOPING we have some CHANGE left in our pockets when this disaster of a president Chicago Jesus is finally shown the door in 2012!!!

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