Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Ted Nugent On Social (In)Security

I love it when the Nuge speaks up on issues important to all of us.  He speaks unfiltered truth and causes the Liberal Gun Grabbers so much grief.

From the Washington Times:
Americans have been used, strung along, ripped off, manipulated and frightened for decades by runaway gangs of power-mongering, deceptive politicians.
I give you Social Security. As usual, it is the exact opposite of what we have been told. This classic Ponzi scheme is anti-social and insecure.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt created Social Security 75 years ago. As with many other Fedzilla programs, Americans got suckered into believing Social Security was a healthy, wealthy and wise program.
 Social Security is bloated, broke and busted. FDR’s New Deal turned out to be the Rip-off Deal.
There is an IOU for $2.5 trillion in the Social Security trust fund. Our elected bandits stole all the Social Security taxes collected over the years and spent it on who knows what.

The Congressional Budget Office recently stated that Social Security will pay out $45 billion more this year than what it takes in. Deficits such as this are projected until Social Security rolls over and goes completely belly-up 25 years from now.

The only way to truly reform Social Security is to sink it. Settling for anything less than the total destruction of this financial sinkhole would be perpetuating the problem and allowing Fedzilla to continue to pick the pockets of future generations of Americans.

We must have the guts and national resolve to remove the crushing tax burden of this Ponzi scheme from the backs of future Americans. Only Fedzilla and Bernard Madoff think robbing Peter to pay Paul is good business.
Social Security has become nothing more then an entitlement program that doles out Billions of Dollars to illegal immigrants who have never contributed one single dollar to the program.  Obama knows it's a failure, and that's why he is eyeballing our 401k's and private retirement accounts for nationalization.  He sees these accts as a gigantic windfall for the Federal Spendzilla monster that he has created under his regime.  Can you  imagine Obama and the Liberal Moonbats looking at all of that MONEY and ignoring it ? Not hardly. After all, Federal Reserve Notes are property of the State and the State knows what is best, right?  At least according to the Moonbat Messiah and his batshit crazy followers it does. 

Hopefully, with a Republican controlled House, and if they stay true to their word and don't let the RINO's run the show, Chicago Jesus will never, ever get the opportunity to take our retirement accounts and redistribute them to people who did not earn them.

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