Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Concerns On The Border To Israel & Egypt

With the threat of war by the Muslim Brotherhood if they take power in Egypt, there is much concern about security on Israel's border with Egypt.

From the NY Jewish Week:

For the residents of the five Israeli villages near the Egyptian border, the mood is watchful waiting.
 Last week, a group of Chinese migrants were found hiding in the greenhouses of the Kadesh Barnea, the Israeli town nearest the border. Residents shrug it off as nothing new.
What is new, they note, is the behavior of the Egyptian soldiers manning the border. They are no longer facing Israel but toward the vast expanse of the Sinai Peninsula on their own side.

Menachm Zafrir, a farmer at Kadesh Barnea who for 25 years served as its civilian security chief, offered his own commentary Feb. 4 just hours after Egyptian Bedouin used rocket-propelled grenades to attack an Egyptian state security office in the northern Sinai.

"They have changed direction to make sure the Bedouin don't slaughter them," Zafrir said of the Egyptian soldiers.
"We are all waiting to see what will happen in Egypt," Gini adds, pursing his lips together. "Nobody knows what will be."
If war were to break out in the region, does anybody question who's side the Obama administration would be on?  I'd bet dollars to donuts that he'd once again take the wrong side and choose the Muslim Brotherhood and the radical islamists looking to take over the middle east.

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